Opposition Makes You Strong

Opposition Makes You Strong

From the
archives of Oral Roberts

has followed me throughout my ministry. As a result, I’ve learned that any old
dead fish can float downstream, but it takes a live one to swim upstream!  Early on, I decided not to be an old dead
fish, but a live one. I determined to stand against controversy. And the opposition
made me stronger. Without opposition and God’s help to keep my calling in
perspective with Jesus and the Word of God, I would have fallen by the wayside
the first year of my ministry.

It’s not
always easy to obey God. There is a cost to obedience. I learned from my
opposers. They may have thought they were putting me down, but I was listening;
and if they said something worthwhile, I took it and learned from it. In the
end, I stood up again.

I have not
allowed opposition to stop me. I determined to obey God, no matter what the
cost. The Word says, To obey is better
than sacrifice
(I Samuel 15:22). Knowing my Bible, I knew that obeying God
was far greater than any opposition that either satan or man could throw at me.

If your faith
is not anchored in Jesus Christ, if you’ve not made a commitment of your faith,
and if your obedience is not established… when the trial comes, it will pull
you down. And like a dead fish, you’ll float downstream through life, rather
than be alive to God’s plan for you. The only way to grow stronger is to be opposed,
to have a powerful force to overcome.  If
you’re facing opposition, stand your ground and refuse to strike back. Obey
God, and you can do what God has called you to do.