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God Is Concerned About What Concerns You

Lindsay Roberts One of my favorite Scriptures is Matthew 10:30, which tells us that even the very hairs on our heads are all numbered. Can you imagine a God who is so concerned about every miniscule detail of His children’s lives that He takes the time to count the hairs on each one of their heads? That’s almost seven and a half billion people! As a mother, I’m concerned about my three children. I love them. I know their birthdays. I know their favorite things. I know what they like to eat. But I have never counted the hairs on

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More than Conquerors

Richard Roberts One year, when I was in Perth, Australia for a crusade, I was able to watch one of the Australian Open tennis matches on television. It was a semi-final match between two Frenchmen, Arnaud Clement and Sebastien Grosjean and the winner would move on to the championship match. Competing in a best three-out-of-five set format, the younger Grosjean had won the first two sets and was ahead 5-4 in the third set, just one point away from the win. Even the television commentators were saying it would be impossible for Clement to come back from such a deep

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Small Faith Can Move a Big Mountain

Lindsay Roberts Jesus tells us that faith the size of a grain of mustard seed can move an obstacle the size of a mountain (see Matthew 17:20).   Examine the analogy here. A grain of mustard seed, according to Mark 4:31–32, is one of the smallest seeds. That means that even if you have only the smallest amount of faith, you can still move a mountain-sized problem. Think of the mathematics involved. How could something so small possibly move something so great? What is Jesus driving at here? I believe He wants us to realize that we don’t have to have

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The Church

From the archives of Oral Roberts People often ask me if a person can live a Christian life and not attend church. I like to compare attending church to having your car serviced. The technicians don’t create your car; they simply improve its performance. In the same way, the church doesn’t make you a Christian, but it does enhance and strengthen your ability to live a committed Christian life the way Christ taught. God’s Word tells us not to forsake “the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more,

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Get Your Hands on the Word

Richard Roberts The Bible tells a powerful story about a woman who had an issue of blood for twelve long years. (See Mark 5:25-34) She had spent all of her money trying to get well, but she wasn’t any better. Hers is the story of many people today who are sick. They have done everything they know to do, but they can’t get well. However, something happened to this woman. She heard about Jesus and His miracle-working power, and God lit a spark in her to believe that she could be healed! In Mark 5:28 NKJV she said with faith,

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God’s Highest Wish

From the archives of Evelyn Roberts In 1947, Oral and I discovered a Scripture that literally changed our lives. Oral was attending Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma, at the time, and each morning he would read a portion of Scripture before catching the bus to go to class. One morning he was running late and left the house without reading his Bible. When he remembered, he came rushing back to the house and scooped up his Bible. He opened it to 3 John 2 and read, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health,

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Capture Your Magic Moment

From the archives of Oral Roberts When Peter stepped over the side of the boat in the raging storm on the Sea of Galilee and his foot touched the tossing waves, Matthew 14:29 says, “he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.” Peter captured a magic moment. I’m not talking about magic the way the world talks about it. It’s not make-believe. It’s not mere wishing. I’m talking about magic moments that happen in your relationship with the Lord because of an act of faith. It’s a magic moment when somehow during a situation that is engulfing you, you

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The Cry of Faith

Richard Roberts Isn’t it good to know that when you cry out to the Lord, He hears your prayer? Now there have been times in my life when I have literally cried out with tears to the Lord. And every once in a while, a good boo-hoo cry makes you feel better. But there is a different kind of cry...a cry of faith, a battle cry for victory...that gets results! Mark 10 tells us that’s the kind of cry Jesus heard from a blind man named Bartimaeus. As Bartimaeus sat by the road begging, he heard that Jesus was passing

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God’s Unfailing Word of Comfort and Strength

Richard Roberts Today, as we remember and pray for all who have been affected by attacks of terror around the world, we turn to God’s unfailing Word for comfort, strength, and the assurance that He is always with us. Psalm 34 NKJV (selected verses) “I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” This poor man cried out, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles. The angel of the Lord encamps all

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God’s Love Zeros In

From the archives of Oral Roberts “Why doesn’t God stop all wars and violence?” someone asks. In order to stop war and violence, God would have to take away our power of choice. Then man would be like a robot. And God doesn’t want that. He wants us to freely choose to do His will. The way God tries to stop violence and make it a better world is by zeroing His love in on us as individuals. He never turns that love off, in the hope that it will reach the deepest part of our being and our own

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