Will Richard lay hands/pray for me?

Yes, there will be a time of prayer and Richard will lay hands on all that want him to.

Will Lindsay / Jordan be there?

Yes, Jordan will be there to lead worship. No, Lindsay will not be with Richard for this event.

Is there a cost to attend?

No, your breakfast is our treat! There will be an opportunity to plant a seed-faith gift into the ministry, as you may feel led.

How many guests may I bring with me?

This is a small donor event. We ask that you limit guests to one or two persons.

Is there handicapped parking?

Yes, there is marked handicapped parking in the lot adjacent to the facility.

Is parking free?

Yes, there is free parking adjacent to the facility.

Conference center phone number for directions or other facility information?


Do you provide childcare or a nursery?

No. We are sorry, but there is no nursery or children’s services.

May I bring my children even though there will not be childcare?

This is an adult event and time of ministry, so we ask that you bring only nursing infants. However, if you have a need to bring children, please contact our Canada office at 416-485-8431. If children are noisy or crying, we may ask that you take them out into the foyer.

Do you have a place for wheelchairs?

Yes. Please ask for assistance from an ORM staff member when you enter the building. Note that the facility does not provide wheelchairs.

Can I buy a copy of the service on CD or DVD?

No. The service will not be recorded for sale.

Will there be an offering?

Yes, there will be an opportunity to plant a seed-faith gift.

Will there be products for sale at the event?

Yes, a limited number of products will be available for purchase.