November Letter

Dear Partner,

As we enter the month of November and closer to the closing of the books on the year 2016, I find myself challenged by something we must all do from time to time… And while it is not the most romantic endeavor in our walk of faith, it is necessary. Recently, there was a stirring in my spirit as I was reminded of two very powerful truths… first, You will never get to where you are going, unless you know where you are,” and “Anything you are willing to tolerate, you will never change!”

As I began to pray, these thoughts continued to roll over and over in my spirit. And while I knew I was being challenged by the Spirit of the Lord to talk with you about some very specific things, there was a resistance in my own spirit to want to continue in this direction… After only a few minutes, I identified the root of why I was having such a challenge… The very enemy of everything this ministry has accomplished was doing everything in his power to try and stop me from getting to the bottom line of the importance of what I am writing to you…

Please let this take root in your spirit… I pray the Holy Spirit will help you stay focused as I do my best to explain what I believe is a core reason why far too many Believers are living on the edge of blessing instead of right in the middle of God’s blessing plan for their lives… As I continued praying, it became powerfully clear to me as to why there are Believers who have not moved into the level of divine health God has for them. They have come to tolerate their current position in life in exchange for a better life in Heaven. I hope you are allowing this to take root in your spirit…

Jeff and Tracy, as we prepare to complete this year and move into the unlimited power Almighty God has for us, I challenge you to settle for nothing less than knowing and operating in the power of the Holy Spirit! It’s time to identify exactly where you are in your walk with the Lord, and then in the power of God, directed by His Holy Spirit, tear down any stronghold the enemy has built in your life while you were distracted. It’s time for you to position yourself against anything other than the overcoming victory God has for you.

Please read the following very carefully I am not a Bible scholar, nor do I pretend to be. I do, however, know the Word of God. I understand the sweep and scope of the Bible. I have never held myself up as a great teacher, and yet God has used me to help hundreds of thousands of people to help them understand the plan of Salvation and how to apply it to their lives. And because of that, I am telling you some things the Spirit of the Lord has been dealing with me about.

Make no mistake about it… We are living in perilous times… Yet it may very well be the greatest time in the history of humankind to be living in… Truly, these are the last days.

The enemy is at the gate! The enemy of everything you hold dear is standing in preparation for his next move… I don’t tell you this as a scare tactic. Nor do I tell you this as some kind of stunt or to make a headline… In fact, as a blood-bought Believer, you know there is something stirring in your spirit right now… Hang on!

A stirring truth… It is not the presence of the enemy at the gate… It is instead the lack of faithful soldiers at the wall. The problem in our cities, both in Canada and the U.S., and in far too many churches, is not the presence of evil, but rather the absence of righteousness! Let there be no doubt about this. If Satan can shake people’s faith in the Bible, then they’re likely to fall for anythingWhen faith in the Word is shaken, tolerance becomes the new standard.

Remember, it was Satan who started out deceiving Eve in the Garden by shaking her faith in the Word of God. I’ve written about how the founding purposes of America have been edited out of our public school textbooks… I’ve tried my best to point out how our children and young people seemingly have no concept of what the truth behind these beginnings of our country are about. The worst part about our public schools is not what they teach, but rather what they don’t teach. And what we as Believers are willing to tolerate, we will never change.

Think about it… The big threat is not the blatant and bogus lies…but rather the holding back of the teaching of the Bible. And while there is a moral high ground gained by exposing falsehoods, lies and frauds, I tell you this from years of experience in the field of education, it is not one-tenth as important as the preaching of the truth! We must be willing to live truth!

The problems in our nations are caused by the absence of our faith in God. America’s and Canada’s seemingly insatiable lust and desire for immorality is caused by the absence of personal character, discipline and moral integrity. The reason why people lie is because they don’t tell the truth… It is the absence of a truthful spirit that causes them to lie on impulse. No longer can you and I be content to stand by and watch what men and women of no foundational personal character, discipline and moral integrity do to the lives of our children and grandchildren.

Powerful truthProblems escalate. Sin escalates. The Bible teaches that a small leak turns into a big leak if not repaired. A dam can easily be fixed if a small leak starts, but if the small leak is not repaired, the water begins to wear away at the structure. The leak becomes a stream, the stream widens the crack, the dam begins crumbling slowly at first…usually from the inside out…and then a point is reached where the strength of the dam is no match for that of the water trying to get out, and the dam breaks away. I believe you know what I’m writing about.

Our lives reflect our core values… If sin is allowed to go unchecked, it will become much worse. The most important thing in any marriage is not the absence of unfaithfulness, but rather the presence of faithfulness and love. Love will prevent unfaithfulness.

America and Canada… Here’s your time for a second chance… A second opportunity for true freedom. You and I both know freedom isn’t free. The freedom of our nations wasn’t free; the freedom you and I have in Christ was paid for by the very blood of the Son of God, who willingly gave up His life that we might have life everlasting.

Powerful truth… Freedom is not the right to do what you want… Freedom is instead the responsibility to do what is right! Freedom is a precious gift. It must be protected… It must be protected from those who do not respect it…

The God we serve is the God of the Second Chance… Abraham and Sarah got a second chance… David received a second chance, and God called him beloved… Peter received a second chance, even after denying the Lord during one of the darkest hours of human existence… And the entire kingdom of Judah was given a second chance…

Nehemiah was the cupbearer for the Persian king Artaxerxes. When he learned that the walls of his beloved city Jerusalem had been broken down and burned…the Bible says he wept and mourned. He also fasted and prayed. And as he prayed, something happened to him and he knew something had to be done. So, he got permission from the king to rebuild the walls of the devastated city.

Rebuilding the walls of the city was no small task! He rallied people from all walks of life to help. First, he divided the walls into sections and assigned workers to each of them. And in the process there was opposition… Sanballat and Tobiah…plus other enemies.

There will always be opposition. When you do something for God, you are going to face opposition. The enemy will stand on the wall with every trick in the book to try and distract you from what you are trying to do for the Lord.

Partner, THIS IS SHOUTING GROUND… YOU have the promise of divine protection… No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord (Isaiah 54:17).

Nehemiah had a success plan… The rebuilders of the wall didn’t quit because of the opposition. They worked with one hand and held a weapon in the other. They literally stood in the gap of the wall until the breaches were repaired. The work took 52 days. It was a true miracle. It was not only the rebuilding of the walls but also an opportunity for the rebuilding of the Kingdom.

You don’t have to look far… All around us are those who are facing walls which were built to protect them from the enemy that are crumbling from the lack of personal attention! Time has been allowed to erode the life of victory which was once theirs… Look at those who seem to have no hope for a better future. Look at the believers who through poor stewardship have moved from the more-than-enough lifestyle to a paycheck-to-paycheck, get-by life… I’ve got GREAT news… The GOD of a second chance is ready to help repair the damage.

I tell you this on the authority of God’s Word… For the life torn down by sin, God has a solution… For the person who is experiencing the hurt of past failures, broken relationships, and a life broken down by discouragement and depression…fear and anxiety…I’ve got GREAT NEWS! The God I serve stands ready and willing to help repair the damaged walls and restore the divine protection guaranteed every born-again child of God. I don’t know what you are facing right now, BUT I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt, when YOU become a willing participant in God’s plan for your life, HE WILL SEND THE RIGHT PEOPLE across your path to help you repair the walls of protection around you.

Our nations, as both a people and a government, have broken walls in need of some very serious repair. Look at how we’ve gotten away from the foundational, “In God We Trust.”

Corruption has been allowed to creep in. Far too many decisions are made by popular opinion rather than on the foundational principles upon which the nation was founded. God has been regulated out of most life experiences only to be used in times of disaster or ceremonies.

How does it affect us? Nehemiah mourned for days. He fasted and prayed. How are we affected by broken down walls? Do we care about the broken and devastated lives around us?

Do we care about people who have been deceived by the enemy and have believed his lies? Do we really care about those who live in pain, with addictions, heartache, or unforgiveness? Jesus came to set these people free too… However, for that to happen, someone (you and I) must stand in the gap for them and help to rebuild their broken down walls.

Real love, real care has action to it. Nehemiah inquired of the king… “Let me go rebuild the walls.” You see, faith without works is dead. Crying is OK as long as it’s a cry for miracles. You say, “Well, those were Bible days. It’s not the same today”… That’s where you’re wrong… The unchanging God we serve––the God who has extended a second chance in the past—continues, through His grace and mercy, to extend a second chance to all who call upon Him today!

I believe this is why God has brought us together for such a time as this… You and I are to repair any damage to the walls protecting our own personal lives, and we are to help rebuild the broken down walls of people’s lives…

Here is what I hear the Lord saying prophetically…

There’s been a breach in the wall because so many of My watchmen have been off duty. Many have been hiding out and not carrying out their assignment because of the onslaught of the devil and his satanic attack against them.”

But now, during this special Thanksgiving Season, I am calling them back to the wall to break the back of the satanic agenda…and to cause a derailment and bring America back to the center again. And with this national call, I’m also calling you to take personal inventory. I’m calling you to go to work immediately to repair any damage that has taken place in your own personal walls of protection. THIS IS THE TIME to restore the damages caused by neglect and misguided intentions. God is extending each of us a SECOND CHANCE to get it right!

WE MUST GUARD AGAINST DISTRACTIONS… like television, the movies, the Internet, text messaging, the malls, iPods, cell phones… Never have we been so bombarded with distractions. Never has it been so easy for us to get sucked into the black hole of substitute activity. Advertising companies are spending tens of millions of dollars to get our attention, if but for a few seconds. It is as though our entire society is built on one distraction after another.

Is it any wonder that the real values of life are being pushed aside? With this bombardment, we must be diligent to guard our hearts and minds against what may not look dangerous, but at its core is meant for the destruction of everything you and I hold dear, the foundational truths of God!

Thank God for second chances… Look at the life of Jacob… Genesis 35 tells a remarkable story. We find God telling Jacob to go back to Bethel and build an altar there.

Nearly 30 years earlier, Jacob had made a vow. But as the years passed, he seemed to have forgotten about it, and now God was calling him to fulfill it. This is so important…

The vow Jacob made was during the time that he was fleeing the wrath of his brother Esau. He had stolen his brother’s blessing from their father, Isaac. Leaving Beersheba, Jacob headed toward Haran. On the way, he stopped at what is now called Bethel. There he had a dream in which he saw what we commonly call Jacob’s ladder… angels ascending and descending on a ladder between heaven and earth.

POWERFUL POINT… In the dream, God promised to be with him and safely return him to his home. The dream prompted Jacob to make a vow to make the Lord his God…and if God carried out His promise to sanctify the stone upon which Jacob’s head had rested and which he had set up as a pillar, Jacob would give God a portion of all that God gave him.

Over the years, God kept his part of the bargain. He was with Jacob… Jacob prospered both in family and in gaining wealth. God kept him and his family safe. But Jacob had not bothered to go back to Bethel where the Lord had appeared to him and where he had made his vow. He had forgotten it.

God does not take vows lightly. He expects us to keep the vows we make.

We humans, however, are prone to forget our vows even when God has fulfilled His side of them. We are prone to forget our vows when things are going well. We are prone to forget our vows when we have allowed ourselves to be influenced by the world. And if we have forgotten our vows…then we need to go back to the beginning… Back to Bethel. And that’s exactly what Jacob did… He went back to Bethel to keep the vow he had made.

Partner, I can’t think of any time better than right now…even as we prepare to celebrate this time of Thanksgiving…to take personal inventory of our commitments (vows) unto the Lord. Please don’t allow the enemy to distort what I am telling you right now… The promise you made unto the Lord when you were working through that financial rough spot, or standing by the bed of a loved one, or facing the uncertain outcome of a decision someone else was making about your future was very real to you at the time you were calling out to God. And God took you at your word when His miraculous hand of mercy went to work on your behalf.

NOTHING HAS CHANGED… Just as with Jacob, I challenge you to search your heart… Talk with God about those specific areas in your life where time and busy work has caused you to gloss over anything the enemy can use against you in his quest to steal the GOD kind of life you were created to enjoy. Return to that place and fulfill your commitment (promise) unto the Lord. Remember, fear is not just the opposite of courage; it is also the reason for it. This is the time to call upon the courage of the Heavenly Father as you stand on His Word against anything the enemy may try and throw your way. And your success in the days ahead is tied directly to your willingness to be an active participant in God’s plan for your life.

There is no time like NOW time!

When we fulfill our commitments to God, there are renewed blessings

When we restore our commitments to God, we move to another trust level in God!

Leo Tolstoy wrote, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” When you, by faith, move toward the fulfillment of your promise to God, He provides the strength to help you do it. As in the case of Nehemiah, GOD WILL SEND THE RIGHT PEOPLE across your path to help you repair the walls of protection around you.

When you fulfill your commitment to God, He takes the seed that we sow…uses it for His glory…and multiplies it back to you in the way you need it most.

It’s time for that MIGHTY EXPLOSION of God’s power to be released into your life!

“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we (as a people, as individuals, as a nation) may obtain mercy and find grace to help us in time of need” (Hebrews 4:16).

Before you complete and return the enclosed Prayer and Praise Sheet, I challenge you to go back and reread this letter. And as you read, ask the Holy Spirit to make Himself known to you in revelation power as He guides your response to this letter. If you see a broken place in the wall that is supposed to be protecting you from the enemy, ask Him to show you how to make the repair, and then ACT ON YOUR FAITH in His ability to show you how to accomplish your mission. Come BOLDLY before Him in HONESTY, and watch Him reveal Himself to you in supernatural ways. Allow the Holy Spirit to minister to your spirit. Get ready for a blessing…

Thank you for using the enclosed Prayer and Praise Sheet to let me hear from you during this season of Thanksgiving… Know that I never take your prayers and financial support of what God has called us to accomplish in and through this ministry together for granted. I look forward to hearing from you… I look forward to standing with you in God’s victory plan for your life!

Rebuilding Walls…

PS. As together we rebuild the walls, I’m asking you to sow a THANKSGIVING Seed Faith Gift Offering into what God is doing through this ministry. I’m asking you to ACT on your FAITH with a THANKSGIVING Seed Faith Gift unto the Lord for the expansion of His Kingdom as we continue to reach out to those who are searching for the life that only Christ can give.