Mid-September 2012 Partner Letter

Dear Partner,

Are you feeling pressured by life? I wouldn’t be surprised to hear you say YES. I’m hearing from many partners who are under pressure because of sickness, economic distress, relationship troubles, and other issues. The Lord is stirring me to help you stand in faith until your circumstances turn around for your good…

That’s why I’m calling for a powerful Prayer of Provision Day on The Place for Miracles on October 1… We’ve got to go to the SOURCE—Jesus—for the answers we need in these troubled times! We’ve got to reach out in faith and hold on to Him, no matter what…

And I want to do more than pray for you… I want to give you a good word from the Lord today to stir up your faith for miracles. Whatever you need, God can provide for you. He’s not limited by time, distance, or your circumstances. He has the power to heal you, give you financial breakthrough, and set you free!

If you will believe Him and do as He leads you to do, I believe He can bring you a mighty harvest, even if your circumstances seem as dry as a desert right now. He’s the Lord who brings forth streams of living water in dry land (Isaiah 35:6). No matter how serious your situation appears, God has no lackHe is your Source for the abundant provision, health, and hope you need TODAY!

Commit right now to trust the Lord in all things, and remember this… His blessings come as you believe in your heart that He is a REWARDER of those who trust in Him (Hebrews 11:6). When you act on your faith that He is a Rewarder by giving Him your love, time, prayers, seeds of faith, and whatever you have to give—even if it’s small—He sends harvests your way because His Word says that harvest time ALWAYS FOLLOWS planting time (Genesis 8:22).

This principle literally saved the man named Job and turned his devastating circumstances into a DOUBLE BLESSING of restoration. The Bible says Job was a consistent giver who prayed daily to the Lord and lived a godly life to the best of his ability (Job 1:1,5). It was his consistent daily habit to give offerings to God… He lived a LIFESTYLE of sowing and reaping… It was something he was committed to doing, in both good times and bad. He lived daily by faith.

In spite of the losses that threatened to destroy him, Job kept doing what he always did… He did what he already had a HABIT of doing before trouble arrived… He trusted God, and he gave! And God responded to Job’s faith, obedience, and giving! He was with Job even when the devil showed up to cause trouble. God gave Job twice as much as the devil stole from him…

Now, catch this… God is the same today as He has always been (Hebrews 13:8). He desires to watch over you and bless you in your acts of faith and your giving, just as He watched over and cared for Job in hard times.

You may say, “Richard, my life doesn’t seem blessed right now, no matter what I do.” Now, it may be that you haven’t developed a regular habit of giving, and if that’s true, then the time to start is NOW! Make today the day you start to sow seeds consistently—you can start off with small seeds if that’s what you have to plant—because as you plant seed, you set yourself up to receive consistent harvests in your times of need.

However… Maybe you are saying, “Richard, believe me, I already give regularly, but I’m still not seeing a harvest.” Maybe you have tithed regularly, and yet now you find yourself out of a job or stuck with a debt that you can’t pay off. Or perhaps you have been standing in faith for weeks, months, or even years as you believe God for needs that haven’t been met yet. Or perhaps you feel like you can’t sow anything anywhere because your financial situation isn’t good right now. You may be tempted not to sow at all, and say that it just doesn’t work …

But nothing could be further from the truth! You must plant your seed for the harvests you need. When we give, harvests come back to us (Luke 6:38). God is a REWARDER of your faith in Him. He is the source of every good and perfect gift that comes down from heaven (James 1:17). The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it (Proverbs 10:22).

Pay close attention here… If you are undergoing an attack on your finances or any other area of your life, God isn’t causing it. He’s not punishing you. It’s not His nature to hurt His own children. He’s a better Father than that! He promises according to His Word (which He always keeps) to care for and protect those who dwell in His courts and rest in His shadow (Psalm 91:1).

The source of all evil in this world is the devil, who would like nothing better than for you to stop trusting God for your financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being… He knows that if you stop trusting God and stop sowing seeds, it hinders your harvests and gives the devil a foothold in your life.

But you can stop Satan in his tracks by doing as First Peter 5:8–9 saysResist the devil firmly in faith and trust God to help you overcome any obstacle in your path. If you need wisdom on how to resist the devil so you can open up your life to the Lord’s blessings, then pray! When we pray and expect wisdom, God gives it to us gladly (James 1:5). He can tell you whatever you need to know to get free of the circumstances that have been binding you up…

Now, it is true that sometimes we open the door to the devil by disobeying the instructions God gives us in the Bible and also in our personal prayer time with Him. We sometimes make mistakes… But God is willing to forgive us if we truly desire to make things right with Him.

So, if you know that you have opened the door to the devil in some way, I encourage you to turn your heart back to the Lord today. First John 1:9 promises that when we sincerely repent and ask God to cleanse us of sin, He does it.

Many times, though, we find ourselves in circumstances beyond our control… That’s what happened to Job, and that may be what has happened to you. You may be facing hard times simply because there is still a devil out there, and he’s still trying to steal, kill, and destroy all he can before Jesus returns.

God has a good plan for you, no matter what things look like in the natural realm (Jeremiah 29:11–14). He thinks thoughts of peace toward you… He desires to answer your prayers… And His good plan for you includes RESTORATION when you have been attacked. I believe that’s the word of the Lord to you and to all His children who have encountered hard times because of the economic downturn.

Job eventually received a full restoration for all his losses, because he continued to hold on to his faith in the Lord and he continued to sow what he had to give. Even when he didn’t understand what was happening…even when his wife and his friends hurt him with their words… Job stayed true to his faith in God. He gave what he had by praying for his friends. And in due time, he was blessed.

Just like Job, you may have lost many things… Maybe the pressure you are under is tempting you to turn you away from God or to stop sowing. But I tell you this by the Spirit of the Lord… If you will hold on to God, refuse to quit, obey His Word, and continue to expect deliverance, then you will surely receive His help, in whatever form you need it most, in the right timing… He will not let you down!

Consider this… For what purpose are you serving the Lord? If you are serving Him only because you want Him to solve your problems, then when hard times hit and miracles seem slow in coming, you’ll be sorely tempted to let go of your faith. It’s like what Jesus said about planting seed in Mark chapter 4. Some seeds fall into shallow soil, and the plant grows only until a drought comes along… At that time, it withers because it has no real roots, and it can’t take the heat.

Likewise, there are people whose relationship with God isn’t rooted in a commitment to serve Him at all times. They only want to serve Him if things are going good. I’ve seen it many times… People who aren’t committed to God will walk away when something doesn’t go their way. They get offended.

But you don’t have to be among that group I encourage you to remind yourself of what drew you to the Lord in the first place. Why do you serve Him? Think about His promises to redeem you from sin…to bring you into His presence through the shed blood of Jesus and your faith in Him…to be with you in trouble…to never leave you or forsake you… These promises belong to every child of God, including you, no matter what circumstances you may be facing.

When you choose to commit yourself to the Lord because you believe that He is the one true God and that He desires to do good to you, then you can grow into a Christian with deep roots that can’t be moved… like the tree in Psalm 1 that is rooted down deep near water that will always cause it to flourish and prosper.

You can live just like that tree… You can be stable in unstable times… You can consistently tap into God’s heavenly resources because He is your true Source for all your needs to be met.

Maybe God has blessed you in the past… Well, catch thisI believe God wants to bless you AGAIN! His mercies aren’t just for yesterday. No, the Bible says His mercies are NEW EVERY MORNING!

That means He has more than enough to meet your needs NOW, in the situation you are facing today… What He has done for you and for others in the past, He can do for you and your loved ones today, as long as you continue to act in faith and obedience by sowing what you have to give—no matter how small it may appear—and EXPECT Him to help you in the ways that only He can bring about.

Now, to help you hook up in faith to God’s plan to PROSPER you through His law of giving and receiving, I have a special gift for you. If you’ll sow a seed in faith this month, I’ll send you The Miracle of Seed-Faith, by my father, Oral Roberts.

Dad wrote this book more than 40 years ago, but its message is as relevant today as it ever was… It explains in detail what God showed my father about the power of tapping into the divine law of sowing and reaping, which is God’s plan for supplying your needs from His heavenly resources—in all times and seasons. I believe it’s the best book he ever wrote! Here’s just a little bit of the wisdom God shared with my father, which you’ll read about in The Miracle of Seed-Faith

“Not according to the size of your need, but according to His riches, God will supply it. Whether prices are high or low, jobs are plentiful or scarce, business is up or down, GOD’S SUPPLY REMAINS STABLE. His supply is here beside you, now. God is as much God during times of oversupply as undersupply. He is the same God in good times or bad times. His supply is according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

That’s a GOOD WORD, isn’t it? God’s supply does NOT depend on the economic situation of your bank account, your employer, your government, your nation, or this world. His heavenly supply comes through Jesus to His children. So, you can expect miracles from Him even when everything in this world looks like it is falling apart. This world may be unstable, but Heaven is never going to fall apart, and God always has MORE THAN ENOUGH for you, if you will continue to trust Him and to act in faith through your seed-sowing.

With that in mind, I challenge you to sow a seed out of your need today… Ask the Lord what He wants you to give. Let Him determine the seed, and then obey Him by sowing it as quickly as you can. If the amount God puts on your heart is bigger than what you have right now, then remember that it’s okay to sow small amounts over the next several months until you reach the amount God gave you.

As you sow, pray over your seed in faith and thank the Lord for giving you the harvests you need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Then, start expecting that harvest. Keep an eye out for it so you can grab hold of it when it comes. And tell me about it… I want to rejoice with you as God meets your needs.

When you sow your seed this month, share your prayer requests with me as quickly as you possibly can. Remember, I’m calling for a Prayer of Provision Day on The Place for Miracles on October 1. We’ll be praying for jobs, for debts to be paid off, for tuition and other financial bills to be met, for healings and any other thing you need right now. And I want to do something BIG on that day

You see, Lindsay and I are not just going to say a quick prayer and then forget about you. No, we want you and all our partners to gather on October 1 in faith according to the word of the Lord, which says, If My people who are
called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. Now My eyes will be OPEN and My ears ATTENTIVE TO PRAYER MADE IN THIS PLACE
(2 Chronicles 7:14–15).

I believe that when you and I gather on October 1 to humbly seek God and pray in agreement for His divine intervention in our lives, the Lord will do His part… He will see and hear our prayers and He will respond to them with miracles! And I encourage you to seal that prayer with a seed sown today as a sign of your faith in the provision that God is going to send to you…

I’m putting my faith out right now for a mighty turnaround to take place in your life and the nation! Whatever your needs may be, God sees them and He has a plan to meet them. Right now, as an act of my faith in advance of October 1, I pray for you and your loved ones…

In the name of Jesus, I declare your needs met by faith, your body healed, your relationships strong and peaceful, your mind and soul calm even in the midst of troubles, and the blessing of the Lord to come upon you in double measure for any losses you have sustained due to the economy we’re facing. May God bless you and keep you and give you peace, today and every day!

I look forward to hearing from you very, very soon.

Your partner for miracles,


PS. No matter what you’re facing… No matter how long you’ve been waiting to receive your healing, your job, family restoration, or whatever you may need… God has a perfect PLAN of BLESSING for your life. I want to pray for you! Tune in to The Place for Miracles on October 1 for our PRAYER OF PROVISION DAY. (You can always watch us online, or participate on our Facebook page.) Send in your prayer requests right away, and sow your seed in faith, believing for God’s best harvest for you. He will be faithful to respond to your prayers and seeds sown in faith to Him!