January Letter

Dear Partner,

Right now, I am praising God for YOU standing with me through your prayers and financial support of this exciting healing ministry. God has brought us together and used us to accomplish His purpose as we move into 2017 with a renewed vision and commitment.

Back in October and November, I did something that caught fire with our partners… For 37 straight days, I was live on Facebook early in the morning, praying over America and the election. I challenged and inspired Believers across America, Canada and many other nations. Really, I started building a prayer army.

As I said, “Let’s pray… Good morning, Father… Good morning, Jesus… Good morning, Holy Spirit… I love You, Lord. I lift my voice… And I worship You and I praise You… I give You honor and I give You glory in this place this morning… I enter into Your gates with thanksgiving and into Your courts with praise. You are our God, and we worship You in Spirit and in Truth!”

From the beginning of these 37 days of prayer, I kept seeing the hand of the Lord in what we were doing together. Each day, some 3,000 to 5,000 people joined me each day in our times of prayer and ministry together. Hundreds of comments came in each day… Partners and friends were contacting Oral Roberts Ministries to let me know how God was working in and through them as they joined in these special days of prayer.

As I completed what I had set out to do, the number of viewers, calls, comments and emails increased. People wanted me to continue these times of prayer. They wanted to know how I pray each morning. In other words, they wanted to know the model of prayer I use. I began to get excited… God was using these comments and questions to help me understand that something I do every morning could be used to start a Prayer Revival across America and Canada, and that God would use it to stir the hearts of men and women around the world. I began to see 2017 as the year of Greater Works in a whole new light…

I began to see our nation, which had been turning away from prayer, make a U-turn and return to prayer… for prayer and the Bible have founded this nation. One of the scriptures I pray each morning before dawn is the 91st Psalm.

Think about it…There shall no evil befall thee (you), neither shall any plague come nigh thy (your) dwelling. For he (God) shall give his angels charge over thee (you), to keep thee (you) in all thy (your) ways. Thou (you) shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou (you) trample under feet. Because he (you) hath set his (your) love upon me (God), therefore will I (God) deliver him (you): I will set him (you) on high, because he (you) hath known my name. He (you) shall call upon me (God), and I (God) will answer him (you): I (God) will be with him (you) in trouble; I (God) will deliver him (you), and honour him (you). With long life will I (God) satisfy him (you), and shew him (you) my salvation” (Psalm 91:10–16).

This is where I want to be at all times… Don’t you? This is how God sees us… as Believers who have made a decision to talk to Him and have more fellowship with Him through prayer!

Let’s do it… I challenge you to purpose in your heart to join me in spending more of 2017 talking and having fellowship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

IT IS A DECISIONStepping into this exciting position with the Lord is a decision. Time is wasted by wandering around when you have access to a map that will show you the shortest route to authority, understanding, compassion, financial success, physical healing, restoration of relationships and the honor of God upon your life.

To God Be the Glory!

I knew in my spirit that 2016 was to be a time of preparation for the Greater Works that God would lead us to accomplish in 2017. During 2016, we became more effective in expanding the impact of this healing ministry. We saw people healed, delivered and set free, and yet I am believing for much more in this new year. I’m talking about doing even Greater Works in 2017.

In 2016, we added courses for the books of Luke, John and Acts to the School of Miracles. Currently, there are more than 35,000 students representing more than 100 countries involved in this very special online ministry program. And yet I believe we have only scratched the surface. In 2016, I had the privilege of speaking in some of the largest conferences, being a guest on a number of Christian television programs, and ministering personally in many churches around the world.

I also witnessed the building of a Christian primary school in Niger, impacting a mostly Muslim country. That school is now reaching children in the area for Christ, even though there is more construction to be done before the school is completed. And, I am believing for even Greater Works in 2017…

Here’s how WE are going to accomplish Greater Works in 2017!

Recently, a friend and I were talking, and at the end of our conversation, we both had come into agreement on this very important point. Far too many believers find it difficult to pray because they see it as a ritual rather than an honest conversation with God. Think about it; prayer is talking and then listening to the most important person in your life––the friend who will never leave you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6).

It’s very simple. Many Believers do not pray. Perhaps it is because they feel that they don’t know how. They begin to stumble around with words and substitute praying with purpose by praying about the latest thing to pop into their minds.

So I ask the question: How can we accomplish Greater Works in 2017? The answer is through PRAYER! I want you to know there is a GREAT WAY to PRAY that can bring peace and understanding to your mind, power to your walk as a Believer, and a renewed confidence to your testimony, and it can begin to answer life’s questions.

And I can’t think of any better time for us to tap into what God has for us than to begin 2017 with prayer by starting every day throughout the year in fellowship with the Father, through prayer. And I really believe I can help you get started.

Partner, I have prepared a very special CD that I believe will help you to pray just as we did for those days of prayer on Facebook as we interceded for our nation and the election.

Please read these words again out loud “Good morning, Father… Good morning, Jesus… Good morning, Holy Spirit… I love You, Lord. I lift my voice… And I worship You and I praise You… I give You honor and I give You glory in this place this morning… I enter into Your gates with thanksgiving and into Your courts with praise. You are our God, and we worship You in Spirit and in Truth.”

I want you to get comfortable with greeting the Father, Jesus (His only Son), and the Holy Spirit when you get up each morning. And the Start Your Day with Prayer CD is a must for you. I believe it will change your prayer life and produce abundant results.

Your personal prayer time may be in the morning, or at lunch time, or in the afternoon or evening or perhaps in the middle of the night. Whenever you pray, this CD is a must for you. On this special prayer CD, I will show you how I pray each day… how I pray over my family, this nation, our leaders, our borders, our economy and many other areas. I’ll show you how to do the same thing.

The Bible says in Luke 11:1 that the disciples asked Jesus how to pray. And Jesus responded by giving them a prayer outline. Today, we call that the Lord’s Prayer. On the Start Your Day with Prayer CD, I will give you an outline for your own daily personal prayer time.

When you complete and return the enclosed Greater Works Prayer and Praise Sheet, along with your personal Greater Works Seed Faith Gift, I will send you a personal copy of the Start Your Day With Prayer CD for you to use to jumpstart 2017.

This is the year for us to do Greater Works as we continue to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit for the Glory of God. This is the year for you to believe for greater health, greater finances, and greater blessing on your family. I am expecting it to happen through prayer.

I pray you will allow this truth to become a part of your very lifestyle. The blessing of the people with whom you associate will automatically start happening in your life as you allow yourself to participate in God’s blessing plan for your life. You see, when you pray the right way, you release victories in the heavens––victories that become very real in your everyday life.

Several weeks ago, I invited you to come alongside me and the Oral Roberts Ministries as a partner in telling people about the power that is available to them when they accept Jesus and make Him the Lord of their lives. And while I know these are busy days and how easy it is for good intentions to get pushed aside for a more convenient time, I also know there is NO TIME better than RIGHT now to get seed into the ground for the harvest God knows you will need to meet your needs in the weeks and months ahead.

What we sow together, we will reap together in the harvest of His promises. I am not asking you to make a specific monthly pledge of financial support to this ministry. I’m asking you to stand with me through your prayers and faithful financial support of what God is doing in and through this ministry, as we continue to move ahead on all fronts to win the lost, as He directs.

This is your time to step into the magnificent power of God through the power that can be yours, through prayer… Now you can make the choice to allow the power of prayer to bring God’s supernatural boldness into your life for 2017. I am expecting special miracles in your life this new year… debts paid off or canceled… checks in the mail… promotions, raises and increases… Yes, all of this and more. Really, I’m expecting 2017 to be a transforming year in your life.

THESE ARE EXCITING DAYS… I believe you, a blood-bought child of the Most High God, are in the right place at the right time to be an active participant in God’s plan for your life at a whole new level.

You have proven your stewardship. You have proven you can be trusted with His blessing, and this is the time to sow for a 2017 harvest of no limits.

By faith, we have ordered the Greater Works Tablets for the Pastors in Ghana. Three hundred pastors from rural areas will be bused into the nation’s capital for a three-day conference where I will minister to them and impart into their lives what God has put into me. I will lay hands on them, anoint them with oil, and ordain them.

Following our time of ministry, I will put one of the Greater Works Tablets into their hands to be a resource tool to reach their nation for Christ. By your sowing into this project, you are becoming a part of a great missions outreach of winning the lost to Christ and evangelizing a nation.

Now, here’s where it takes on supernatural proportions. Included on each Greater Works Tablet will be 18,000 pages from books, faith-building magazine articles, and Holy Spirit inspired sermons from this ministry. In addition, there will also be 212 hours of audio and video teaching. While it would take a good sized truck to move all this material around, even if we could get it to the pastors, it is ALL available on one Greater Works Tablet. Think of the lives that will be touched by one Greater Works Tablet for your gift of only $195. Two Greater Works Tablets can become an eternal seed reaching two congregations for a gift of only $390. And FIVE Greater Works Tablets can touch the lives of thousands of people for a Legacy Seed Gift of only $975.

I believe we are on the brink of something great happening in the lives of all who make the choice to see themselves as a participant in the Greater Works God has for us to accomplish. You hold the key to your level of involvement. The key is getting involved… The key is coming into a relationship with God’s plan for your life in such a way that He can bless you as you bless others. That key is found in Ephesians 6:8, Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man (that’s you) doeth, the same shall he (you) receive of the Lord, whether he (you) be bond or free. Are you looking for a supernatural blessing in your life? All you have to do is BE ONE!

As you complete and return the enclosed Greater Works Prayer and Praise Sheet, make your response an ACT of FAITH… See yourself as God sees you And let’s come together as Greater Works Ministry Partners to lift up Christ with a RENEWED FIRE OF COMPASSION for the nations. “God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment” (1 Corinthians 1:8–10).

I look forward to hearing from you and standing with you for the Power of Agreement to be released in and through your life in brand new ways. If you need a healing in your body, please use the Prayer and Praise Sheet to let me know about it… If there is a financial need in your life, let me know about that too. As you partner in ministry with me, I will come into agreement with you that the Greater Works of our Heavenly Father will be released to work in and through your life.

Your Partner in Greater Works,


P.S. Right now, as we enter these first days of 2017, I challenge you to see yourself as God sees you. Remind yourself daily of who you are in Christ. Be assured that you and I are standing together in agreement…God has called and equipped us to do Greater Works…We must settle for nothing less. I look forward to hearing from you, praying with you and standing with you in agreement for Greater Works.