God Wants to Set Your Family Free…

God Wants to Set Your Family Free…

…and I want to help you get it done!

There’s something going on in our families that may be even more dangerous than the problems in our economy…though I understand how difficult that is for many people right now. I’m praying for those who have been affected by job loss, home loss, and other things happening as a result of problems with the economy. And I’m believing God with you for miracles in your lives.

But God has given me insight into what I believe is as even greater problem for many of us right now. One of the largest volumes of prayer requests I receive daily is for the needs of family members. Many of our loved ones are in bondage, and they need to be set free by the power of God. I want to help you break that bondage off your loved ones…but first we need to understand what may be going on in many of their lives.

I believe spiritual attacks like this fall into 4 main categories. If your loved one is hurting in any of these ways, I want to pray with you right after you read this…

  • Satan often binds up people, until they feel like they can’t move forward or backward, or make any progress at all when it comes to the things of God.
  • He frequently uses fear to scare and intimidate them, so that even when they listen to your encouragement to get them to turn to God, or go to church, or get them around other spiritual things, they begin to shrink away or crawl away in fear before they can follow through with their intentions.
  • Our enemy Satan walks around “like a roaring lion,” seeking who he can devour (1 Peter 5:8). A lion paralyzes his victims with his tremendous roar; he’s not the strongest or fastest cat in the jungle. But if the lion can get his victim paralyzed in his tracks from what he perceives as a huge threat coming against his life, it gives him a chance to catch up to the victim and strike a death-dealing blow. Many of our loved ones seem paralyzed and unable to get free of the situation they’re in, such as alcohol, drug, or pornography addiction, or sometimes patterns of violence or abuse.
  • Satan is the spirit of darkness itself, and he often tries to make people feel isolated and alone, making them think God doesn’t care about their needs. Sometimes that may come out in thoughts of suicide, life-crippling loneliness or depression. The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy, and he wants to take away the very lives of your loved ones. If he can’t get to you, he’ll often turn to those you love most. But we’re not going to let him get away with his evil plan!

If that describes what you’re going through in your family, I want to pray with you to break those spirits off your loved ones’ lives.

Father, right now I join my faith with my friend’s faith and I break any evil influences off the lives of their loved ones. By the power and authority of Jesus’ name, I break any spirits that are binding up or paralyzing those we love to keep them from Your mercy and goodness, or any spirits that are bringing fear and intimidation or causing loved ones to feel as if they’re all alone in their struggles. I command any addiction or compulsion to be gone that would try and hold on to family members, any spirits of pornography, abuse, violence, suicide, life-crippling depression or loneliness, or thoughts of doing harm either to oneself or someone else.

By my faith, I declare a new freedom and a new spirit of openness to the things of God in these loved ones. I pray for anyone who does not know you to not be able to rest until they open their heart to receive you as their personal Lord and Savior. I pray they have a hunger to know Your Word. And I pray for Your peace and harmony to grow among these family members, to glorify You. In Jesus’ mighty name, I pray and believe. Amen.

When I have a need in my life, one of the things that opens me up to receive from God like nothing else is planting a seed of my faith. When I trust God with my finances, I’ll trust Him with everything else in my life.

I want to give you that opportunity right now to plant a seed of your faith.
Do what Lindsay and I do and plant it against whatever problems you’re facing, and to help you believe God for a harvest of His answers in your life. Remember, too, that the seeds you plant in this ministry not only can produce a harvest in your life, but they do double duty in also allowing us to reach out to those who are hurting around the world.

I am always honored to pray for any needs you may have.

Richard Roberts

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