El Salvador

“This was a trip to remember!” That’s how Richard Roberts described his 2008 ministry visit to El Salvador. The trip began with an invitation from Elias Antonio Saca, president of El Salvador.

And from the moment Richard stepped off the plane, he was hard at work, spreading the Gospel. “We started off in an absolute whirlwind,” Richard said. “I was interviewed on two major Christian television stations in the country. Then we went on national radio. Seems like we just ran from one place to another.”

During the television appearances, the Lord gave Richard several words of knowledge regarding specific miracles that were happening as he spoke. Excitement was in the air as the airwaves were saturated with the Gospel. In fact, when Richard spoke about bringing food to the hungry, one local pastor drove to the radio station to thank him personally. Tears rolled down the pastor’s cheeks as he explained how serious the physical needs of his people were and expressed his gratitude for all the ministry was doing.

Later, Richard met with other local pastors too—750 of them to be exact, all hungry for the power of God. Richard shared with them some of the spiritual wisdom that had been imparted to him through his father Oral Roberts. As the meeting ended, Richard personally prayed for each pastor.

Touching Lives in El Salvador

Much of El Salvador is a paradise—ancient palm trees, lush vegetation, mountains peeking through clouds, crystal blue waters. But take a closer look, and the great needs of the people become all too apparent. Many people don’t have enough to eat. They don’t have clean water, proper sanitation, or access to healthcare. Some of them live in communities known as “cardboard cities”—places where the homes are made of scrap metal, wooden poles, cardboard, and plastic tarp patched together with string. The Oral Roberts Ministries team came to El Salvador to give aid and encouragement to these precious people.

With the help of our faithful Partners, we brought food, doctors, medicine, and the life-changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hunger Needs a Voice®, the humanitarian outreach of the ministry, took 500,000 meals to hungry El Salvadoran families, and also visited two orphanages to deliver washing machines, pillows, and sheets to orphans in need.

Setting the Stage for Miracles

During each night of the healing rally, God showed His goodness. The ORM team worked side-by-side with local pastors and prayer counselors. Dove Award Nominated Spanish Language of the Year Artist Julisa ministered in song, as did Jordan Roberts and the ORM singers.

Richard set the stage for the healing rally on the first night when he echoed the words of the Apostle Paul, “I did not come with the enticing words of men, but I came in power and with demonstration of the mighty acts of God” (I Corinthians 2:4). And the people weren’t disappointed. God proved His power each night through miracles, signs, and wonders.

Changing Lives Forever

Seeing a miracle firsthand can change your life forever. After each night’s message, people rushed to the stage to testify to God’s miracle-working power…A little girl of about eight who had never spoken uttered her first word…Another girl with a deformed ear heard for the first time…A woman with a “dead” retina could see…A man with a serious shoulder problem could raise up his arm…

People were drawn to the miracle power of God, and thousands came forward when Richard gave the invitation to receive Jesus Christ as Savior.

Medicine With a Mission

In addition to the nightly services, Oral Roberts Ministries also brought healing to El Salvador in the form of free medical clinics. Organizing a medical outreach clinic for the needy is a huge undertaking. Fortunately ORM knew the man for the job. Dr. Jose Coto is not only a well-respected surgeon in El Salvador, but he also works to improve public health for coffee plantation workers and still finds time to conduct several Bible studies a week.

With the assistance of an El Salvadoran medical team, Oral Roberts Ministries medical personnel held clinics for people who needed medical care but had no money to see doctors. For three days, over 300 people a day were able to receive much-needed healthcare and medicines.

Three stations were set up at each clinic. After the patients saw a doctor, they were sent to team members who prayed for whatever needs the El Salvadorans were facing. Many were led to the Lord. Then the people were directed to the pharmacy to pick up their prescriptions, along with packets containing enough food to feed an entire family, thanks to Hunger Needs a Voice®.

The Marriage of Medicine and Prayer

Sometimes the needs of the people were so great that the doctors didn’t have the right medicines or equipment to treat their patients. In those cases, the medical team merged medicine with prayer, and God performed healing miracles right in front of everyone’s eyes.

One such miracle happened with a little boy who had fallen and hit his head a few days before. Stitches and bandages had been applied to the injury, but he was limp and listless. He had to be carried to the clinic. Doctors and nurses couldn’t do much for the boy, but nurse Deborah Nord found Richard and asked him to pray.

“Dr. Roberts came, laid hands on the boy, prayed, and believed that he would be healed,” Deborah said. “Within a couple of minutes, the boy’s eyes started to open brightly. Within an hour or two, I saw the boy running around the courtyard, playing with the other children. I thought, ‘Is that the same boy?’ And it was!”

Even after the medical clinics were shut down, God was still performing healing miracles. One mother had rushed to bring her 7-year-old girl to the medical outreach. The little girl had already undergone four operations for cysts up and down her spine. She was in incredible pain and the cysts were starting to affect her nervous system to the point of paralysis. All the mother wanted was something to alleviate her child’s pain.

But when she arrived, the medical clinic tents were already closed. It was too late. Then Richard drove up.

Dr. Coto brought the weeping mother and her child to Richard and said, “Please, Dr. Roberts, will you pray for this little girl?” Richard immediately prayed and believed for the little girl’s complete healing. Dr. Coto went back to check on the child a few weeks later, and reported that she is totally, 100% healed!

Making a Difference

This El Salvador trip could not have happened without the generous gifts of our Partners. There are people whose lives have been changed forever through ORM’s outreach to El Salvador. “I know that I will never be the same again,” said Richard. “Our team members will never be the same, and I believe El Salvador will never be the same.”

Mission accomplished!