December Letter

Dear Partner,

As I’m writing to you, I write with mixed emotions… As we enter this month, the month in which the majority of Americans still celebrate the birth of Jesus, it is as though the doors of time are moving ever more quickly as they begin their final days of 2016. Because this has been what many have called a “roller coaster year,” I have been impressed during the past month to do some very serious soul searching…

Like you, I want to be found in the exact place where God wants me to be personally as He begins unfolding what I believe are to be some of the most exciting days we have witnessed together in ministry. I’ve been challenged in my spirit to throw off distractions as I spend even more time in the Word with Him. During these special times of prayer, the stirring in my spirit has become as real to me as life itself… God is preparing a very special group of people—people like you, Partner— to join Him in an exciting outreach as we become ever more focused on His plan for our lives.

Please let what you are reading right now take root in your spirit… I’m asking you to take a very close look at what happened when God sent His Son, Jesus, to be born into our world, the very world God has created for us…

And while you have probably read the words of Isaiah 9:6 many times, I challenge you to read them out loud as we prepare to celebrate the birth that has the power to literally change every facet of our lives… “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”

HOWEVER, there is a truth we, as Believers, MUST take a serious look at. Did you catch it in the second line of the paragraph above? The words read, “has the power to literally change every facet of our lives.” Allow this truth to change your Christmas this year. The Christ Child whom the angels called Jesus has the power to change every facet of your life. However, His power is released by your faith in His ability to fulfill His every promise in your life! In other words, His power requires a participant, acting in faith, before it is activated on your behalf.

YOU HOLD THE KEY… The power reflected in everything Jesus did during His time on earth has been entrusted to every person who has accepted Jesus Christ as the Son of God and made Him the Lord of his or her life.

When you accept Jesus for who He is, I tell you on the authority of the Word, you are in for the most exciting days of your life. Will you have choices to make? Yes! His birth in Bethlehem presented every man, woman, boy, and girl with choices––choices that are reflected in both your victories and your defeats. Choose to come into agreement with His Word, and you release His overcoming power to operate in and through your life… Turn your back on His plan for your life, and you step out from under His protection, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Going It Alone.”

As I continued in my time with the Lord, I began to see how His birth brought personal experiences to the many loves He has placed within in the hearts of His people… Jesus of Nazareth is the greatest personality ever to appear in the arena of human lives and play His part on the stage of Life. This is the Jesus who stands waiting for each of us…

No man equals Him in depth of character or soul. He operated within His office as Savior and Messiah, ordained by His Heavenly Father for the good of all who accept Him for who He is. Jesus is the Great Central Figure of all time. He split history into two parts, B.C. (before Christ) and A.D. (in the year of our Lord).

He was born in a conquered province of the Roman Empire, held by the iron fist of military power subject to the yoke of a slave — and yet Jesus became the great Emancipator, making freedom possible for every man and woman. Jesus is unique — He is the miracle personality. He was not a general and yet He became the Conqueror of the world, not through brutality of military force, but by His mighty love… This is JESUS, who gives us the choice of life more abundantly (John 10:10)

Jesus was not a doctor; yet He healed the sick, opened blind eyes, unstopped deaf ears, cleansed the lepers and raised the dead. He was not an author. He wrote no books, composed no poems, compiled no documents, edited no papers, nor contributed to any magazines. The only sentence He ever wrote was a single line in the sand, which disappeared the same day. No letter of it was preserved. He never used a pencil nor fountain pen. We have no line, word or syllable from His hand. And yet more books have been written about Him and His words than any other man… This is Jesus, the Son of God! He gives us the choice of living a life of more than simply getting by!

This is Jesus who fulfills the desires of our hearts. To the astronomer, He’s the Bright and Morning Star… To the artist, He’s the One altogether lovely… To the builder, He’s the Sure Foundation… To the author, He’s the Ideal Character… To the baker, He is the Living Bread… To the banker, He’s the Hidden Treasure… To the biologist, He’s the Source of Life… To the botanist, He’s the Rose of Sharon… To the doctor, He’s the Great Physician… To the preacher, He’s the Word of God… To the laborer, He’s the Giver of Rest… To the traveler, He Is The Way… and to the Sinner, He is the Savior… And to the Believer, He is The Comforter… This is JESUS!

This is the Jesus about whom so many know so much, and yet so few personally know Him. This is Jesus who takes delight in giving His children the desires of their hearts while far too many Believers choose not to participate with Him in a lifestyle of more than enough.

Partner, the Jesus, born to the Virgin Mary, spent His early days in a manger comforted only by the hay placed there for the animals. This is the same Jesus who took on the world with a beloved personality… He healed the sick… He raised the dead… He caused the blind to see… He cared for the poor… He was a matchless teacher…

And while He was the ideal of ideals, there was nothing said that relegates our relationship with Him to the past. Jesus was the originator of “Living in the Now” as my Dad, Oral Roberts, used to say. BUT He didn’t stop there. In His words, as recorded in John 14:12, He looked through the telescope of time and saw the hurts, sickness, loneliness and trials all around us… He released into your life the POWER of His Father to do even greater works… “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father” (John 14:12).

This Power was given to us to overcome obstacles which stand in our way of reaching the reachable with the magnificent messages of Salvation, Divine Health, Overcoming Finances and the power that comes when there is no place for doubt and fear in Christ Jesus.

Last month I told you a sobering thought… It is not the presence of the enemy at the gate that keeps us from accomplishing the mission to which God has called us; it is instead the lack of faithful soldiers at the wall. The problem in our cities, our nation and yes, in far too many churches, is not the presence of evil, but rather the absence of righteousness. Let there be no doubt about this. If Satan can shake people’s faith in the Bible, then they’re likely to fall for anything… When faith in the Word is shaken, tolerance becomes the new standard and the message of Jesus falls by the wayside.

Partner, the JESUS of Bethlehem grew up… Thousands of books have been written about His accomplishments, and HE (Jesus) HAS GIVEN US (You and Me) THE POWER TO DO EVEN GREATER WORKS!

This is OUR TIME… As we approach this Christmas––this time of celebrating the birth of Jesus—I can’t think of any better gift we could give to anyone than the gift of healing, the gift of understanding, the gift of knowledge of what Jesus can do for those who do not yet know Him or for new Believers who need to be discipled in the Word… This is OUR TIME to help new Believers understand the fullness of the Word and the life that is theirs in Jesus.

Partner, DO YOU REMEMBER the first time someone took you to the Word of God and helped you understand the power behind accepting the words of Isaiah 54:17 and what they can do for you? “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord” (Isaiah 54:17). Now you can do the same thing for a new Believer in Ghana, West Africa, without leaving your home…

Through the miracle of electronic technology, something you and I, our kids and grand-kids take for granted, we have the opportunity to take the same equipment the world used to teach our children about dungeons and dragons and use it to teach New Christians in Ghana about the fullness of life available to them through the same JESUS whose birth we will be celebrating with our loved ones on the 25th of this month. This is OUR time to step forth boldly.

Right now you might be asking, how does helping purchase a Greater Works Tablet and sending it to an underdeveloped nation’s Pastor affect me? The Bible has the answer…You’ll find it in Ephesians 6:8, “Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord, whether he be bond or free.” Are you looking for something special to be fulfilled in your life? Make a choice to become a participant in helping place more than 456 books of Faith, Healing, Divine Prosperity, and Inspirational teachings taken directly from the library of the Oral Roberts Ministries. More than 212 hours of the Word of God and teaching brought to life!

Real love, real care has action to it. This is OUR time to show the Christmas Love to the Pastors and New Believers of Ghana, West Africa. Your gift of $195 will help underwrite the cost of an entire Greater Works Tablet to help these pastors who need it so desperately. Remember, the majority of these men and women of God have little or no access to the Internet and are desperate to have ministry teaching to become more effective pastors for the Lord. You’re giving a gift of overcoming life to people of all ages who have met Jesus. How many lives will you touch? Only God will know this side of Heaven. One new Believer Dad tells his family, his family tells the same stories to their friends and then to their friends… I think you get the picture.

I can’t think of any better way to plant a personal Christmas Legacy Seed Gift than to sow into the words of Jesus, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father” (John 14:12). The choice… It was given to each of us with the birth of Jesus. The first choice is, “What will you do with Jesus?” Today, after many choices throughout our lives, we are being presented with another exciting choice: “Will we walk through this door God has opened for us as we once again celebrate the birth of His Son, Jesus? I have already made my decision. This Christmas, I will be making a Greater Works Tablet available for Ghana. Will you join me?

Before you complete and return the enclosed Prayer and Praise Sheet, I challenge you to go back and reread this letter. And as you read, ask the Holy Spirit to make Himself known to you in revelation power as He guides your response. Allow the Holy Spirit to minister to your spirit. Get ready for a blessing… Prepare your heart to get ready for Ephesians 6:8 to become activated in response to your personal choice to help place a Greater Works Tablet into the hands of a pastor in Ghana.

Thank you for using the enclosed Prayer and Praise Sheet to let me hear from you during this Christmas Season… Know that I never take your prayers and financial support of what God has called us to accomplish in and through this ministry together for granted. I look forward to hearing from you… I look forward to standing with you in God’s victory plan for your life!

Celebrating Jesus, making right choices…

PS. I’m asking you to sow a Christmas Legacy Seed Gift into what God is doing through this ministry. When I receive your Christmas Legacy Gift, I will send you my personal recording of the Christmas story. If at all possible, play it for your family and friends before you give thanks for your Christmas dinner. At the end of the Christmas story, I pray a Christmas prayer for our nation, our churches, and for you and your family. I would be honored to be a part of your family Christmas celebration.