Partner Letters

Don’t settle for less… Dear Partner, Have you ever had the Lord speak something into your heart that just brought you up short? I mean, He said something that you had never even thought of before? Well, this recently happened to me. God spoke to me and said, “Richard, you are not asking big enough […]

Are you asking BIG enough? Think about it… Dear Partner, If God spoke to you and said, “Ask Me for whatever you want Me to give you,” what would your request be? If you knew God’s answer would be YES, what would you ask of Him? Recently, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Richard, […]

Let’s rise up and shine like never before… Dear Partner, I’m excited to share with you new insight God has put on my heart on a subject I’ve been talking with you about for some time now. I believe this message will get you on the path for a better life and change you in […]

God wants you to “Arise and Shine”… to be prepared and expecting His favor and blessing… Dear Partner, Greetings to you! I’m so privileged to be in partnership with you, and to share this month what I believe God wants us to know as we partner together with Him…doing the greater works He’s called us […]

Are you prepared? There are 5 things you can do in preparation… Dear Partner, For weeks now I’ve been saying it…the camels are coming…the camels are coming (Isaiah 60:6-7)! What does that mean for YOU? I believe it means INCREASE is coming! Yes, the “camels” are coming…They are coming with increase and they are carrying […]