Miracles Television & Roku

Hundreds of hours of FREE FAITH-BUILDING programs available for your viewing!

Watch Richard and Lindsay anytime, and enjoy the following
features on our new Roku channel:

  • The Place for Miracles
  • Make Your Day Count
  • School of Miracles
  • Classic Oral Roberts
  • I Got My Miracle
  • Specials
  • And so much more!

The Roku player is a small device that streams TV, music, media from the Internet to your TV using your home’s Internet connection.

To learn more about Roku, and where you can purchase one for your TV, visit www.roku.com.


Note: ROKU does not charge any subscription fees for its hundreds of free channels although it does provide paid channels. The Miracles ROKU channel is free. Miracles Television or Oral Roberts Ministries is not affiliated with ROKU and does not necessarily endorse other programming that may exist there.