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If you have never been to one of Richard Roberts’ Miracle Healing Meetings before, you are in for a treat! We have these meetings in cities around the world because we want to share with you the loving, saving, healing power of God. We want to connect with you, encourage you, and pray for your needs to be met by God’s amazing, overwhelming, life-transforming power!

We believe in miracles because, quite frankly, we see them all the time. Richard Roberts has been praying for the healing of people since 1980, and over the years, he’s been privileged to pray for thousands upon thousands all over the world.

Every day our prayer group gets calls from people all over the world who want prayer. And every day we hear from people who prayed with us and got their miracle! What God has done for these people, He can do for you—because He loves you!

We look forward to seeing you at our next Miracle Tour meeting. We can’t wait to celebrate God’s goodness with you and pray with you for the miracles you need!


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Here’s what people are saying about the miracles they’ve received after attending a Miracle Tour Healing Meeting!

“I sprained my wrist four days ago. It was very painful. But I attended Richard’s miracle healing meeting recently and received prayer. While I was sitting in the meeting, releasing my faith, I realized my wrist didn’t hurt anymore! I can make a tight first too. That pain is also gone!”
Barbara from New Jersey

“I went to Richard’s healing meeting at Celebration Church in Clovis, California. He had a word of knowledge about backs being healed. I felt something like electricity in my body and received my healing that night. I have not had any pain since then.”
Rose from California

“Richard Roberts visited my church in Tampa and preached a message about planting a seed of our faith, just like his grandfather did on his farm years ago. My husband and I planted a seed after his message in church, and used it as a point of contact to ask God for a baby. We didn’t see results immediately, but I kept praising God. A few months later, I got pregnant! Praise the Lord!”
—Love from Florida

“I attended a Richard Roberts partner meeting in Lancaster, PA last year with my husband and my Mom where we sowed a seed faith gift towards me getting a new job as I had been out of work for several months. Today I got a great job offer! Sowing seed works—I cannot think of any time I have sowed into this ministry and not been blessed.”
—Heather from Pennsylvania