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  • 2013 Can Be Your Season of Breakthrough in God — by Richard Roberts
  • The Miracle That Didn’t Get Away — by Lindsay Roberts
  • It Is Later Than You Think — a classic message by Oral Roberts
  • Miracle of Transformation — the Story of Pastor Orlando Barela
  • I Believe Jesus Knows the Location of Your Miracle by Richard Roberts
  • Praying for Our Nation by Richard Roberts
  • Prospering in All Things: God’s Gift to Us by Lindsay Roberts
  • Tongues: The Importance of Praying in the Spirit a classic message by Oral Roberts
  • The Freedom that Comes from Forgiveness by Richard Roberts
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  • Give it to God by Faith by Lindsay Roberts
  • The Power of the Resurrection: What It Means to Have Jesus Alive in You!
  • How You Can Have God’s Unlimited Power in Your Life a classic message by Oral Roberts
  • No Limits: Plugging into God’s Limitless Supply for Your Life by Richard Roberts
  • Flex Your Faith Muscles by Lindsay Roberts
  • Prophetic Insights
  • Transfer of Wealth a classic message by Oral Roberts


  • Taking the Gospel to the Top of the World
  • “Don’t Misuse Your Gifts” by Lindsay Roberts
  • “Allow God to Light Up Your Life This Christmas” a classic message by Oral Roberts
  • “Stay Connected to the Vine”
  • “Putting God’s Truths to Work in Real Life” a testimony from Virginia Covington


  • Guatemala 2011 – Sharing the Gift of Life
  • “Rising Above My Past” by Terri Savelle Foy
  • “God’s Rescue Plan for Your Life” by Richard Roberts
  • “The Real Deal” – Jim Rice’s Miraculous Testimony
  • “God has a plan for you to prosper in these last days” – a Classic Message by Oral Roberts
  • God Responds with His Miracles by Richard Roberts
  • An Outpouring of Salvation and Healing Miracles
  • Miracle Living
  • Louisiana Partner Receives Miracle Healing and New Home
  • “Do You Have a Root System?” – a Classic Message by Oral Roberts
  • Moving Forward on All Fronts by Richard Roberts
  • Keeping the Fire Burning
  • It’s Time to Take Down the Sign by Lindsay Roberts
  • Renewing Your Mind in Challenging Times
  • “Giving Off the Top” – a Classic Message by Oral Roberts