October 2017 Mailing

Dear Partner,

What’s your dream? Everybody has a dream.

You do. I do. Everybody does.

My question to you is not, “Do you have a dream?” but rather, “What has God placed on your heart?” and, “Do you have the courage to act on the dream you already have?”

When I dreamed of having a healing ministry, I prayed, I believed God, I stood on His Word, and I released my faith for it. I planted seed for it. And in God’s timing and according to His plan, my God-given dream came to pass.

When Lindsay and I dreamed of having a family of our own — even in the face of the doctor’s diagnosis that said she couldn’t have children, we continued to pray, plant our seeds, believe God, and release our faith for a miracle. And yes, there were times when we could have given up—and sometimes wanted to—especially after three miscarriages, and then the death of our precious, little son, Richard Oral. Satan dealt us a mighty blow I’m sure he thought we would never recover from. He was wrong!

A short time later, Lindsay and I found healing and the faith to try again while ministering to the hurting and sick in Nigeria, West Africa. Little did we know we were planting seeds in a nation of people that at that time had one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. Even in our own sorrow and grief, we felt encouraged in our spirits to keep dreaming, and to try again for the family we believed was in God’s plan for us. Well, our dreams became reality, and today we have three beautiful daughters… Jordan, Olivia and Chloe. Yes… Dreams can come true!

Again, let me ask you… What’s your dream? Is it something concerning your health…Do you need an emotional healing or a physical healing in your body? Is it your finances… Do you want to start your own business or get that dream job? Is it your dream to be in the right relationship… to have a loving spouse and a family? Is it your dream to feel like you’re on top of life’s circumstances again after feeling like you have been on the bottom for a long time?

Perhaps, you’re still holding on to a dream of doing something you always wanted to do and feel led of God to do, but for whatever reason, you’ve put it up on the shelf.

Or…is it something else? Have you been pursuing your dream…doing all you know to do to bring it to pass… but it just hasn’t happened yet? Maybe at this point, it seems like it’s not ever going to happen, so like many, you’ve just set your dream aside… I have a word from God for YOU…

“It’s time to take your dream out of the closet.”

It’s time to take that dust-covered dream off the shelf and out into the light…Dust it off… and begin to focus your faith toward it once again.

God says in Psalm 37:4, Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Begin to act on God’s Word and His promises for you, and then believe God to bring your dream to pass. It’s time to sow seed toward it and expect a miracle!

But… don’t become discouraged if your dream doesn’t come together overnight. The fulfillment of your dream is sometimes a process. And just like God’s principle of seed-time and harvest, there’s usually a period of time when we have to keep the dream of the harvest alive. Rarely are there “instant dreams.” Trust that God always knows the best timing for your dream to take shape… because He’s God. He knows you and me… He knows exactly what He’s doing and… He knows what we can handle and what we need to be doing in the meantime—such as continuing to act on our faith. So… don’t despise the process…or small beginnings…

In 1983, a young man named Michael Dell discovered he had a passion for computers. He could take them apart, rebuild them, sell them cheaper, and still make a nice profit. He realized he could rebuild them at a quarter of the price… even while adding more memory, bigger monitors, and faster modems. His dream was to build and sell better, more efficient computers.

After just one year of college, he dropped out and founded the Dell Computer Company with only $1,000. Three years later, his company did a private stock offering to a small group of investors, and at the young age of 22, Michael and his little company was bringing in $150 million dollars in annual sales.

Today, Dell Computers is a multi-billion dollar corporation and a leader in market share. In a recent press statement, Michael commented, “I followed my dream. I learned by doing, and by making mistakes, and I got smart people to help me.”

Wow! That’s what I call focusing in on, and believing for, your dream!

Michael reminds me of the Apostle Peter, who took a chance—a step of faith and obedience—and launched out into the deep waters, let down his nets for a catch… and received an unexpectedly large haul! We read in the Bible how Peter boldly followed his call (dream)… made mistakes… and transformed into one of the greatest spiritual leaders and teachers of all time.

Recently, I heard my friend, Marilyn Hickey say, “What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.” What a powerful statement! God’s Word says it like this in Ephesians 6:8, “Whatever good anyone does, he will receive the same from the Lord.” With that thought in mind, I want to show you how you can sow seeds of your faith unto God and believe Him to make your every dream a reality. In fact, this is something we can do for each other.

Partner, I have a dream too. It’s a specific dream. It’s about helping pastors and ministry leaders in underdeveloped nations get the saving, healing, delivering power of God to people in need. I know it can be done… and I know I can do it… especially if I have your prayers and your support!

I call this dream, the Greater Works Vision… Part of the vision is reaching out to and touching pastors and ministry leaders, in areas of the world where there is no Internet and virtually no opportunity for Bible and ministry training.

These “on fire” men and women of God have experienced salvation and healing in a radical way. They have a tremendous zeal for the Gospel and their dream is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their villages and communities. Now, this isn’t just about me… It’s about these pastors and leaders… It’s about the souls saved and the lives restored… It’s about bringing a Better Life in Christ to their people. You see, when they achieve their dreams, their communities and villages… and even their nations can be dramatically changed by God’s salvation, healing, and deliverance from satanic and ungodly strongholds.

I get so excited to think that you and I can be a part of helping to fulfill God’s calling on these pastors and ministry leaders, by equipping them to effectively minister, and make an impact on their countries for the kingdom of God.

Now get this… in only 4 months from now, I will be traveling with my healing team to central India. For several days, I will be ministering to about 1,200 pastors and ministry leaders there. They will be gathering together…coming in from the rural areas, mountainous regions, deserts and the thick forests of central India, to meet with me and to receive an impartation from me and from the anointing of God that I carry.

I’ll be laying my hands on them and anointing them with oil. I will also ordain them under the umbrella of the Oral Roberts Ministries. Then I will give each one of them a Greater Works Vision tablet, which contains more than 18,000 pages of our ministry’s resources, plus over 200 hours of audio and video, to help train them in reaching lost souls for Christ, by His power. This is a FREE ministry tool, but I need your help to make this outreach happen.

This dream, the Greater Works Vision, is a plan God has given me to reach the nations of the earth for Him. I cannot do it alone. I need your help, and I need it right now. I must have the funds quickly for the purchase of the 1200 tablets and other resources needed for India. Your support is needed this month so we can complete the order for the tablets, and once they have arrived, prepare them for shipment to India for this outreach.

I believe that according to 2 Corinthians chapter 9… and, as you trust God to do it… He will put seed for sowing into your hands. And as you sow your seed into the Greater Works Vision this month to help me with this great India outreach…and more, I am believing that God will begin to bring your dreams to pass.

I’m asking you to let me know each and every dream you are believing God for. That’s why I have enclosed your personal Prayer and Praise sheet with this letter. I’ve included a place for you to write down your dreams, your ideas, your goals and hopes for the future that have been locked away in that dark closet… and I want you to send them to me. I will lay my hands on them and pray in agreement with you for their fulfillment.

You see, I’m really thrilled to have an opportunity to minister to you personally through all of our ministry outlets… The Place for Miracles TV program, letters, social media, and the Abundant Life Prayer Group. And it is always a privilege to pray over your needs.

I’ll say it again… It’s time to TAKE YOUR DREAM OUT OF THE CLOSET.

Help make your dream come alive in you again by writing it down on the enclosed Prayer and Praise sheet and sending it to me right away, so I can agree with you in prayer. God is there to assist you as you act on your faith by sowing into the dreams of others. Then, make it a matter of prayer… Begin to cultivate your dreams by quoting God’s Word — His promises — over your life and releasing your faith to Him… Start preparing for your dreams to come to pass, and expect, expect, expect a miracle!

Thank you in advance for every seed you sow into the outreaches of Oral Roberts Ministries. And, remember… “What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.” Please let me hear from you soon. I remain…

Your faithful prayer partner in the healing ministry,


P.S. GET READY! IT’S ALMOST HERE! We’ve been telling you it was coming, and this month the new GreaterWorks.Online website will be up and running! (See the Prayer Sheet for further details.)

I am so excited to make this useful and empowering resource available to you! I believe that it will help you walk in victory and to have a Better Life in Christ. At GreaterWorks.Online, you can:

Discover or re-discover God’s unlimited power in your life

Experience the miracle healing ministry of Jesus and the anointing of the Holy Spirit

Become transformed daily by God’s Word… living and walking in the Greater Works Vision

Read, watch, or listen to powerful messages on the Holy Spirit, healing, seed-faith, miracles, and Bible prophecy

As a faithful donor to the Oral Roberts Ministries, you become a part of the Greater Works Vision. You become active in our efforts and outreaches for sharing God’s message of love and healing around the world… in bringing a Better Life in Christ to areas where the Gospel of Jesus is restricted. And with every seed you sow, you are making a difference! So, let me hear from you… TODAY!