Mid-January 2018 Mailing

Dear Partner,

How thrilled I am to write this very special letter to you…especially being just a couple of weeks into the New Year of 2018. And I’m excited about what God has to say to us for the year ahead!

Just the other night, I received a prophetic word from the Lord. This word was given by our long-time friend, Ann Platz. Ann serves on the Board of Trustees for the Oral Roberts Ministries. I called and asked her if it was all right for me to share a portion of it with you. This prophetic word is not only for me and for our ministry, but it is also for every friend and partner of the ministry…and that includes you.

Ann said she was awakened in the night, thinking about my father, Oral Roberts, who was a type of “Moses messenger” for our generation. I am quoting her prophetic word now:

“I saw Oral’s face, a leader who heard from God, the message of healing and giving into the kingdom. He led with his gifting, with a powerful healing anointing, breaking the healing code and teaching people how to walk in another dimension.

“God gave him holy protection for his mission, even though there were some who ridiculed him and made fun of him. But that only made him stronger. At his death, the vultures came devising a plan to stop the ministry and to destroy it. You will know this…that was not God. Others tried to claim Oral’s mantle, but however crooked and cruel all their efforts were, it didn’t work.”

She went on to prophesy to me, “That is because, as your father told you, the anointing of God is generational… And his anointing was only to be passed to you, his son. And the anointing I have given you is still on you now, and I am nowhere near finished. You will complete what your father started, but with even greater results because… it’s healing time, it’s harvest time, it’s revival time, it’s miracle time.”

Wow! What a powerful word from God. As I said above, it’s not only for me, but I believe it’s for you and for all my friends and partners. God knows the end from the beginning. And it’s so encouraging to me to know that He still has a plan in place for this ministry, for me and my family, and for you and your loved ones.

In our world today, we are witnessing unprecedented times. Sexual perversion is growing at an alarming rate, and radical mindsets with satanic agendas seem to be abounding. The media is creating false reports in what appears to be an effort to transform our nations into a godless state.

There is both a cultural and a spiritual war being waged at the same time. Crazy and almost hysterical-sounding voices are being heard and seem to be getting louder every day. Most people in the world want peace and normalcy, while others seem to want to wage radical war on anyone who does not agree with their philosophy of life. And there are others who want their sin to be acceptable in mainstream society.

The real battle, though, is between God and the devil. Satan knows his days are numbered and his time is growing shorter. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time (Revelation 12:12).

Jesus is coming back for His own — those of us who serve Him as our Lord and Savior. And then the devil is going to be chained and locked away for a thousand years.

Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. He laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years (Revelation 29:1-2).

Now, here we are right in the middle of the battle between good and evil. But…I urge you to listen to and take to heart the prophetic word from God I have shared with you above. I receive every word of it by faith, and I know you do too. I am so grateful to God for His mighty, loving hand upon my life.

We have a God who has not fallen off of the throne, and as He said, He is not anywhere near finished with us, His children. Our faith is in Jesus Christ, and we have His angels which are assigned to every one of us who are believers, ready to do our bidding as we act on God’s Word, according to Hebrews 1:14. In spite of all of the problems, worries and fears the devil may try to surround us with, we have God’s Word as our defense, which will never return void (Isaiah 55:11).

Now, remember what I told you just a couple weeks ago. I believe 2018 is the year for divine, spiritual uplift from God. This uplift is for you, for me, for this ministry and for our nations. It is a year for God to stretch out His mighty hand toward you, to cover and to bless you…to pour out His Spirit upon you in a powerful way.

Partner, I believe this is the time for new beginnings…a time to start fresh. This is not the time to quit or turn back. Remember the words in Isaiah 43:18–19: Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

Listen to this… God will make a road in the wilderness…a pathway just for you. He wants you to be on His road to a Better Life.

So, lift up your head…lift up your countenance…lift up your faith…and begin to believe that 2018 is your year for a Better Life in Him. Believe that God wants this year to be your year for miracles. Begin thanking Him for it in advance. Start calling that which is not as though it is, by the authority of His Word (Romans 4:17). That is what Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did. That is what Joseph and Daniel did. That is what Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego did. That is what King David did. It’s also what the Apostle Paul did, and, what our Savior, Jesus, did. Now you and I can do it too.

Begin doing it now. Call in God’s divine uplift. Say, “Lord, I call in my divine uplift for Your blessing on my life. I call in my healing. I call in my miracle. I call in my provision. I call in all that You have for me, in Jesus’ name.” Praise the Lord! And I expect Him to do it!

Now, there is something that I want you to do just as quickly as you can… Answer this letter. Write down your most pressing needs on the Prayer and Praise Sheet that I have enclosed. Then, give a devil-busting, New Year, “open the windows of heaven” gift unto the Lord through this healing ministry, to start 2018 off right. Do it today.

Partner, I’m believing with you that as you give, God will use your gift mightily for His glory, then multiply it back to you in the ways you need it most, exactly like the Bible says in Luke 6:38.

I look forward to your quick response so that I may lay my hands on your prayer requests and pray in agreement with you for your miracle.

Thank you for partnering with me in all God has called us to do through this healing ministry. I appreciate you so much.

Your Partner for a Better Life in Christ,


PS. In just a few short weeks, my ministry team and I will be going to central India for another Greater Works outreach. And you still have time to make an impact with your gift. Oral Roberts Ministries will be furnishing the accommodations and meals for around 1,200 pastors during our time of teaching and training. And we will be putting into each pastor’s hands a Greater Works digital tablet. Consider how many lives could be affected and changed because of your giving! Let’s make a stand and partner together… and declare over our lives, and over this healing ministry… It’s healing time, it’s harvest time, it’s revival time, it’s miracle time!

And…don’t forget to request my newest book, Your Road to a Better Life. God wants you to have a Better Life in Him, and this 91-day, step-by-step journey will show you how. If you would like the FREE companion bookmark to go along with the book, just let me know on the Prayer and Praise Sheet that you would like to have it. Request yours today!