Mid-February 2018 Mailing

Are you prepared? There are 5 things you can do in preparation…

Dear Partner,

For weeks now I’ve been saying it…the camels are coming…the camels are coming (Isaiah 60:6-7)! What does that mean for YOU? I believe it means INCREASE is coming!

Yes, the “camels” are coming…They are coming with increase and they are carrying a double portion of blessing for God’s people. They are bringing provision and help… more so than the Body of Christ has ever seen.

Isaiah 60, verse 5 says, Then you will be radiant and your heart will thrill and rejoice because of the abundance of the sea that will be turned to you. The wealth of the nations will come to you. This passage was written to the Israelites as they were coming out of exile from Babylon, but I believe it is a word for you and me today.

Listen to this… A turning of provision, abundance, and wealth of the nations is definitely coming…and God has a purpose for it. This major shift in finances is going to occur and they’ll be handed over to the Body of Christ. It means abundant provision for every God-inspired vision which will extend the kingdom of God on this earth in these last days.

This is the beginning of the end-time transfer of wealth. Partner, the Bible declares it in Proverbs 13:22, “…the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.” And it doesn’t matter how much the devil fights and tries to stop it, he cannot. It’s going to happen. It’s God’s eternal plan and I believe it is beginning this year, 2018.

And who are the “just?” It’s those who are in right standing with God… believers in Jesus Christ…those blood-bought children of the Most High God. Believers who have acted on their faith—giving into God’s kingdom, believing the Lord for their gifts to be multiplied and having their needs met (Luke 6:38), and who have expected miracles from Him…And that includes you and me.

Now, what’s coming to believers is not the first ever major transfer of wealth. In Moses’ day, God transferred the wealth of the Egyptians into the hands of the Israelites…money, gold, silver, and other fine things.

And when God set His people in a new land, He transferred to them beautiful homes which they didn’t have to build… cultivated farms that they didn’t have to clear… fields full of grain that they didn’t have to plant… wells full of water that they didn’t have to dig… corrals full of livestock that they didn’t have to raise…great cities they didn’t have to pay taxes for, and… vineyards and olive gardens, too.

Now, as we know from God’s Word, the Promised Land was not just handed to the Israelites…they had to go in and possess it…they had to fight for it and they had to use their faith. But… breakthrough after breakthrough came to them as they obeyed God. And I believe breakthrough after breakthrough is coming to us…those who will believe God and will sow seeds of faith for them and call them in, by faith.

And, just like the Israelites, I believe receiving the abundance that is coming is going to require something of us also…A deeper level of commitment and dependence upon Jesus and on His Word. We’re going to have to go deeper in prayer and in our walk with the Lord. Yesterday’s faith is not going to get the job done. Believing God’s Word, acting on it, and investing our time, talents and resources into God’s kingdom is going to release a new level of God’s grace and wisdom and mercy into our lives.

Those of us who take this message to heart are going to be thrust into a new seat of authority. Many will realize they now have louder voices—they’ll have broader influence and greater insight and will be a part of many things which will help usher in the Second Coming of the Lord with its great end-time harvest of souls.

Now, you might be thinking, “Surely Richard doesn’t mean me. Not little ol’ me. I’m not in a position to do anything like this.”

Well, I believe you’re going to be surprised at the new doors of opportunity and responsibility the Lord will open for you. You may feel like you’ve been wandering in a wilderness or been lost in a valley and there’s just no way for you to get out and do anything significant for God. That’s exactly what the devil wants you to believe. But remember the Bible says, even in old age, your youth will be renewed like the eagle’s. (See Isaiah 46:4 & Psalm 103:5.) And, you shall run and not be weary; you shall walk and not faint (Isaiah 40:31). Age or ability won’t have anything to do with it…but your faith will have everything to do with it!

Yes, the Lord is making preparations for the Second Coming of His Son.  And we, as the Body of Christ, are coming out of our wildernesses and out of our deserts with a greater capacity and understanding of how to put to good use what the Lord is about to bring us.

Now, how do you prepare for all that God is about to do? There are five things that I believe you can do in preparation for this miraculous transfer of blessing:

1. Go into agreement with it. Search out and meditate on the Bible scriptures that speak of this end-time transfer of wealth. Let the truth of it get deep down into your spirit.

2. Tell the Lord you want to be a part of it. Psalm 35:27 says, “Let them shout for joy and be glad who favor my righteous cause; And let them say continually, “Let the Lord be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.” Get excited about it!

3. Pray… Pray in tongues and with your understanding also. Ask the Lord to give you wisdom in how to best use the ideas, new concepts, and resources that He is bringing your way. He will honor that prayer; His Word confirms it in James 1:5.

4. Begin to call it in by your faith. Don’t try to analyze it or to figure it all out. Just begin to call it into being…calling those things which are not as though they were (Romans 4:17).

5. Give unto the Lord like never before. God’s Word tells us in 2 Corinthians 9 that He loves our cheerful giving… and then He provides more so that we can bless more people in more ways… and in turn, He is glorified in the giving and, in the receiving.

Partner, these are the kinds of things that great men and women of the Bible did. Noah sowed a hundred years of his life into building an ark which not only resulted in a harvest of salvation for his entire family, but the harvest of a new world after the flood so they could begin again.

Job reaped a harvest ten times more than what he had lost when he sowed kindness instead of blame and forgave his friends. Abraham gave tithes of all, establishing the seed-faith principle and became the richest man on the earth.

Isaac obeyed the Lord, stayed where he was, and sowed in famine, reaping a hundred-fold in the same year. This is what Joseph did also, when he sowed self-control, faith and integrity, and reaped control of an entire empire that would deliver millions from starvation… including his own family!

The widow of Zarephath gave a part of her last meal to Elijah and received a harvest of food for herself and her son until the drought was broken. And the list goes on and on.

All of these Bible examples are of people who believed and obeyed God, took advantage of the opportunity at hand, and obtained far more in return than they could ever have imagined.

I tell you, this end-time wealth transfer is the promise to the righteous. It is coming. In fact, it has already begun. So you don’t want to miss it. You don’t want to miss out on your opportunity to sow into the greatest soul-winning effort the world has ever seen.

Don’t miss giving unto the Lord, in faith, and getting all your needs met, just as He promised in Luke 6:38: “Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” I’m saying it again…Don’t miss it!

I encourage you to begin today to take the five steps I’ve laid out in this letter and begin putting them into practice. Why? Because the camels are coming!

Yes, by faith, I see those camels loaded down with God’s provision and favor…for you, for me, and for this healing ministry. Can you see them too with the eyes of your faith? Can you see the words of the Bible unfolding right before your eyes?

Friend, this is an exciting time to be alive and to be a part of all God is doing in the world. And in my heart, I just knew that you would want to be a part of this end-time transfer of wealth which will help bring in the end-time harvest of souls and usher in the soon return of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Your partnership…your prayers and your financial gifts given unto the Lord through the outreaches of this healing ministry is an important part of bringing about all I’ve talked about above. I ask you, “Who is going to support this end-time harvest of souls if not us, God’s people?”

I’ve enclosed a special Prayer and Praise Sheet for you this month. It includes the five steps I outlined above as a reminder of what you can do to help prepare for this unprecedented move of God. Let me know when you return your Prayer and Praise Sheet that you are committing to these 5 steps of preparation.

And don’t forget that I’m here for you… to pray in agreement with you for your needs to be met by God. So, please write down your most urgent needs for me to pray over. I’ll stand in faith with you, and believe God for your miracle. Then, include your best gift for this month, and believe God for His best in return.

Friend, the “camels” are coming! Visualize it. See it coming to pass in your spirit. Sow into it like never before. Call it in by faith, and get your heart prepared for what God is beginning to do… in and through you.

I’m looking forward to your quick reply. Until then, may God richly bless you… and I expect Him to do it.

Your partner for a Better Life in Christ,


PS. I’ll say it again… the “camels” are coming! Begin to put into practice the 5 steps I have given you in my letter to help prepare you for all the Lord has in store for His children. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of something great for the kingdom of God. Please send your best gift, and do it today. Then release your faith, and believe for God to bring you multiplied blessings, according to His Word in Luke 6:38.