Mid-August 2017 Mailing


Do you need a TENT PRAYER? I mean, do you need the kind of all-in, drop-down, devil-busting prayer—a without ceasing prayer—prayed over you…the kind my dad, Oral Roberts, got when he was healed of tuberculosis at the age of 17? The kind of prayer that completely changed his life and caused him to live and not die?

Well, I have news for you… The Lord has greatly anointed me to pray a tent prayer over you. You may ask, “Will you tell me a little more about a tent prayer?”

Well, it looked like my dad was literally days away from dying and headed to the tuberculosis sanitarium for his last days. It was my Aunt Jewel whose words changed everything. “Oral,” she said, “God is going to heal you.” Those seven words changed his life forever, and the next night when the evangelist, Brother George Muncie, laid his hands on my dad, he prayed what I call a TENT PRAYER. Not a prayer that said, “Lord, if it be Your will, heal this boy.”

No, Brother Muncie prayed a TENT PRAYER. It went like this… You foul tormenting tuberculosis, I adjure you by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, come out of this boy! Loose him and let him go!


When you know it is God’s will to heal, you pray differently. Brother Muncie knew that. No namby-pamby prayer for him. No.

Look, my dad was dying. In those days they had no medicine for tuberculosis. The doctors had done all they could. I mean, there was no treatment, no antibiotic, nothing to arrest the disease. And others in his family before him had died from tuberculosis too. In the natural, there seemed to be no hope. But… a TENT PRAYER would change all that.

Now understand, the power was not that it was prayed in a tent, but that it was an unwavering, all-in prayer of faith, in an atmosphere of expectancy. That is what I mean by a TENT PRAYER.

The revival service my dad went to that night was under a tent that seated about one thousand people, and the tent was full. People all over were receiving a TENT PRAYER. Believe me, it was no ordinary prayer.

When the man of God prayed that TENT PRAYER over my dad, he was completely healed.

In the flash of a moment, the tuberculosis in his body was gone. And his stuttering tongue was healed too! (My dad had stuttered badly all his childhood.) In fact, he took the microphone and told the people in that service what God had just done. He talked for ten minutes before he realized he had not stuttered once. Now, that is what a TENT PRAYER— a faith-filled, fervent prayer — can do.

Do YOU need a tent prayer? Do you want one?

Just the other day I was in Omaha, Nebraska, preaching. After the service was over, I went out in the lobby to autograph some copies of my new book, Unstoppable Increase, when a woman came up to me. She was crying as she told me that thirty-two years ago I prayed a TENT PRAYER over her daughter, who at that time was dying of brain cancer. The tears were flowing down her cheeks as she turned and introduced me to her daughter. Wow! Thirty-two years later… alive… well… healthy… beautiful… Praise the Lord! I am talking about a TENT PRAYER.

I ask you again… Do you want one?

If I was able, I would come to your home… I mean, right where you live…and lay my hands on you and pray a tent prayer over you and take authority over whatever the devil is attacking you with. But you and I know that there is no distance in prayer. God is right here where I am, and He is right there where you are.

That is why I have enclosed a special prayer sheet for you to write down your most urgent prayer needs and rush them to me so I can pray a TENT PRAYER over you. I am literally waiting to do it. Send them to me just as quickly as you can. And when you do, there is something special that I’m asking you to sow into.

In September, I am going up to the North of Canada, right near the Arctic Circle to Iqaluit (the only city in the territory of Nunavut). There are pastors and ministers in this very remote area who desperately need our help with ministry training. As I have told you before, it’s part of our global outreach and Greater Works Vision.

I am taking Greater Works tablets—filled with life-changing, powerful teaching from our ministry—to give to those local pastors who have little or no access to the Internet. These tablets are loaded with thousands of pages of books and hours of audio and video teaching resources from the Oral Roberts Ministries.

I will be spending two days with these pastors in the frozen north, imparting the power and anointing of God to equip them to share God’s healing power with their communities, revolutionize their ministries, and leave them a tool to help them fulfill their calling in ministry.

Partner, doing this is expensive. But God spoke to me to do it, and I am asking you to join this outreach by sowing a financial seed unto God through this ministry today. We are giving these Greater Works tablets at no charge. These pastors are worth every penny, and it is important that they are prepared for ministry for the end-time harvest of souls.

Let me ask you… Will you help me to make a difference in the Arctic regions of Northern Canada? Believe me, very few people go there to minister. It is so remote and desolate, and yet the people there have such a need for God.

You talk about a missionary outreach… this is one. And my team and I are going there next month, so time is of the essence. Will you help me? And will you help me right now?

Here is how you can help be a part of this outreach and more. I am praying and believing for God to speak to 50 people to sow a special seed of $1,000 and for others to sow $100 or $50… or any amount the Lord leads them to sow… and to do it quickly. I am asking you to join me in this prayer and to give the exact seed God is leading you to sow right now.

I pray and believe that every seed you sow will be a seed used by God and then multiplied back to you in the ways you need it most, according to His Word in Luke 6:38. I will sign off for now and I look forward to hearing from you soon and to praying a TENT PRAYER over your needs.

Your Partner for a Better Life,


PS. Please help me help those in the frozen north… Lives are depending upon it.

  Now one more thing, when you fill out your prayer sheet and tell me what seed you are going to sow, notice the 5 steps I have laid out to help prepare you for the TENT PRAYER that I am going to pray over you and your prayer requests.

Don’t delay… Get your prayer requests back to me just as soon as possible.