Mid-April Letter

Dear Partner,

Right now… Even as I am beginning this personal letter to you, I am praising God for His goodness… I’m praising God for His mercy… And I’m praising God for YOU! As a friend and partner with this ministry, you encourage me with your phone calls, your letters and your personal words of encouragement.

Father God, I thank You for our partners. I thank You for their commitment to stand with me in this Healing Ministry through their prayers and financial support as You direct them.

Father, I thank You for bringing us together so that Your name would be glorified everywhere we go… on every television broadcast… in every word that is sent forth by CD, social media and from every platform You open to us. Thank You for placing these partners in my life so we can encourage and strengthen each other in accordance with Your Word, as recorded in Ecclesiastes 4:12, And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

Recently, I had the opportunity to join my friend, Kenneth Copeland, as a guest speaker at his minister’s conference. And while I understand the words “Iron Sharpens Iron,” my thoughts raced as I prepared for what God had for us during this conference. And I believe God gave me a powerful word about “When the Pattern Is Right, the Glory Will Fall.”

Right now, even as you are reading this letter, just as it was in that recent Minister’s Conference service, there is healing power flowing. I pray you are opening your spirit for what I believe God HAS FOR YOU RIGHT NOW! Praise the Father, praise the Son, praise the Holy Spirit.

I believe God wants to do something very special for you… I challenge you… Determine in your heart and settle the issue in your mind that God wants you and your loved ones healed. Give no place for doubt to operate in your thinking… Become tenacious. Resist sickness. Cling to the Healer. Your persistence will demoralize satan and attract the attention of God. See yourself overcoming the curse of sickness and then act on your faith in God’s ability to heal YOU. And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind Him, and touched the hem of His garment: For she said within herself, If I may but touch His garment, I shall be whole (Matthew 9:20–21).

Now that you have settled the issue of God’s healing for your life, I challenge you to create an atmosphere in which God’s miraculous power can work. Begin to move into a spirit of Praise and Worship — a time of praise and thanksgiving for the work God is doing in and through you right now — and watch the locks begin to fall off and the gates of His understanding begin to open in your life.

Right now, as you open your spirit to His truth, God is doing a work in your life. Begin to whisper praise unto the Lord, and then move into what bubbles from your heart and spirit to celebrate God’s healing power at work in your life. When David played his harp for Saul, evil spirits departed from the palace. Anointed music is one of the master keys in creating a Miracle climate. Sound is essential to change. As you control the sounds around you, you control the flow of your feelings. Let your spirit hear your mouth speak words of praise and worship. But now bring me a minstrel. And it came to pass, when the minstrel played, that the hand of the Lord came upon him (2 Kings 3:15).

Several weeks ago, the Lord spoke to me and I want to share with you just briefly what He said: “There’s a change coming in America — a U-turn in prayer, a spiritual uplift, an updraft, a fresh outpouring. It’s like a bowl of golden honey, representing the anointing which is being poured out in the new season. And whosoever will get under the pouring shall be blessed and shall be increased immeasurably.”

This is so important… It is time to Praise the Lord… There’s healing coming in this land! We have prayed and we have sown and we have believed and we have released our faith! There’s healing coming! I’m writing to you in the boldness of the Holy SpiritYou may just get your healing, right now. The Bible says we’ll lay hands on the sick and they shall recover (Mark 16:17–18). Pray one for another that you may be healed (James 5:16). That’s what the Bible says. Pray for their healing and believe that healing will come back to you.

Father, I am praising You! I give You glory, and I take authority over every demonic spirit. We don’t belong to the devil… We belong to God. We were paid for by Your shed blood, and we give You praise and we give You honor and we give You glory. Hallelujah!

There is a pattern…

Please read this very carefully… There’s a pattern in the universe. There’s an order in space. NASA knows that. If they get on the right track, that spaceship will go wherever they send it. But if they are off by just the smallest measurement at launch, they’ll miss their target by millions of miles — because there’s a pattern; there’s a target! There’s an order in space. And God is in control of that pattern.

A dressmaker would not consider making a dress without having a pattern. A shoemaker would not make a shoe or a boot without a pattern to go by. They don’t just close their eyes and do it by what they’ve learned. No, there’s a pattern that they follow. The most expensive suits and dresses in the world are not made without a pattern. And right now God is showing us the pattern… the pattern of faith.

And when the pattern is right, the glory will fall!

And that’s what is happening! The glory is about to fall in the United States of America. And that’s why it is so important for you and me to be ready to experience that glory as new and exciting opportunities open to us to preach and to teach and to bring God’s healing power to people who need Him, wherever they are. That’s our calling… not just preaching, not just teaching, but preaching and teaching and bringing healing. That’s the full Gospel. This is our mission to which we MUST remain faithful. We must guard against being distracted. We are to do the Greater Works, just as Jesus said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father (John 14:12).

You, Ministry Partner who I am sure is involved in local church or outreach ministry, I tell you this with firm conviction… If all you are doing is preaching, and if all you are doing is teaching, you’re only giving a two-thirds Gospel. Preaching, teaching, and healing are what God said we are to do. He sent His disciples to preach and teach and heal, and He Himself came preaching, teaching, and healing. That’s the full Gospel message. And I want you to know that your friends, neighbors and family members are so hungry for the power of God. And when you get the pattern right, the glory will fall.

Partner, when THE GLORY of the Lord falls, it spreads…

These are exciting days… We are going to witness the Greater Works Jesus talked about as never before. The days of revival are NOT over… The days of healing are NOT over… The days of God’s restoration are NOT over… Please hear my spirit when I tell you the Glory of the Lord is going to spread to the U.S. and Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Moscow, Kenya, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and yes, it is going to spread to China and North Korea. And we, as Believers, children of the Most High God, the doers of Greater Works will be the ones batting clean-up.

Partner, as the Glory of the Lord falls across the world, hearts will be supernaturally opened to the truth, and we (you and I) must be there with the Word — the Word of faith. For the word that we preach is the word of faith, not the word of doubt. It will not be a time of doubt; it will be a time of openly confessing faith…

This is our time… This is our time to come together in unity… We must come together in one accord. One of the hardest things in the world for Christians to do is to come together. Think about it… If I don’t dot my “I” the way you dot your “I”, and if I don’t cross my “T” the way you cross your “T” then I am cast out. It has to stop, and it has to stop NOW! No longer is there time to split hairs over doctrine. How long did the disciples stay in the Upper Room? I don’t know… The Bible doesn’t say. All we really know is that they stayed long enough to come into one accord.

But there was a moment when they got the pattern right, and
when they got that pattern right, the glory fell…

Acts 2 says… And suddenly there was a sound. There was a sound like a rushing, mighty wind. And as it were, tongues of fire appeared on their head. And they began to speak in tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. And when they walked and stumbled and staggered out of that room, the people on the street said, “Why, they’re drunk!” And Peter spoke up and said, “They’re drunk all right, but not the way you think. They’re drunk on the Holy Spirit. For this was that which was prophesied by the prophet Joel, In the last days, I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh. This is that outpouring.” And he preached the message, and 3,000 gave their hearts to Christ. And the Church of Jesus Christ was born.

Those are our spiritual roots. Let there be no doubt about itWe are Holy Ghost people! We’re strong in the power of God, and we’re strong in faith. And we’re not ashamed of the Gospel. For it’s the power of God unto salvation.

Let your spirit capture this image… Can you imagine what would happen this Sunday, what would happen at the office on Monday or at the mid-week service, if every one of us would boldly say, without reservation, “Is there anyone here who is sick? Let them call for the elders of the church and let them pray over them, anointing them with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith shall save the sick person. And the Lord will raise them up” (James 5:14–15). How does that start? How does that begin in America and Canada? It begins with you and me being faithful to His work in and through us.

Let us guard against substitute activity. We are on a mission… We are to glorify God by doing Greater Works than we have ever done… Nothing must be allowed to deter us from the mission to which we have been called. We are to do the works of Jesus, and Greater Works… We are to lift up the Healing Jesus… We are to lift up the power of the Holy Spirit… We are to set guards against doubt and unbelief as we speak of the power of God at work in and through each of us… We are to be living examples of His life in us… And when we begin to live our lives as Christ lived His life, and more… We will have the pattern right.

I believe this letter is a divine appointment between the two of us… As you move into His overcoming victory pattern for your life, I believe God is preparing you for something very special. I believe there is something God wants to see accomplished in your life that will bring glory to Him like nothing you have ever done. Whether it’s a physical healing, a restoration of a relationship, the victory over a habit, or to raise you up as a witness to your family and those with whom you come in contact, I believe your honesty before God is going to be rewarded by His openness to you.

There is something I must tell you: Guard against doubt creeping in to destroy God’s pattern at work in and through your life. When Jesus spoke to the tree in Jericho, it didn’t wither from the roots that instant. The next day, they noticed it. Sometimes, healing is a process.

Lindsay and I were preaching in a service where there was a woman in the front row who was in a wheelchair. And I said to her when I laid hands on her, “Ma’am, if all you can do is move a finger, move it.” And she just started moving one finger. And I could imagine the thoughts in people’s minds… “Well, how cruel can you be to say something like that to a person in a wheelchair?” And I prayed for some others, and I looked over and she was moving her arms. A few minutes later, she was moving her feet. The next thing I know, there was a cheer that went up and the wheelchair was empty and she was walking. It started! There’s a starting line. Sometimes, the starting line is still going on out in the parking lot. Sometimes it manifests a little bit later. But don’t ever say to anybody, “Well, you must not have had any faith.” No, what you must say is, “I’m standing in faith with you in Jesus’ Name, and I’m not coming out of this agreement until that miracle is manifested, in His Name.”

So, whatever it is you are looking to the Healing Jesus to do in your life, I’m not turning loose of my faith when you give me the opportunity to stand with you in faith, believing. I’m believing God for a miracle. It may start as you complete and return the enclosed Prayer and Praise Sheet… It may start while you are asleep tonight… It may start in the morning; it may start when you are at work, the grocery store or next Sunday as your Pastor is delivering his message. But I’m holding on to my faith for you, and I’m not giving up until it comes, in Jesus’ Name. I’m going to celebrate the fulfillment of God’s pattern being completed in your life.

Partner, I believe this is your time to move into a whole new relationship with God. I’m not talking about something created from an emotional high; I’m talking about a relationship that is going to allow you to accomplish personal goals you have thought about and prayed about for a long time. There may be that Holy Ghost inspired dream you have placed on the shelf because you got out of God’s patterns and busy with other “things” which worked themselves into your life. NOW is the time to get those dreams off the shelf and allow God to rekindle your passion for those things which bring glory to His name.

It’s time to celebrate a new day… I tell you this, New Year’s Eve in Times Square has got nothing on what God’s about to do in this nation! Now is the time to begin to praise God with a new excitement… Give a shout unto the Lord… Go ahead, throw back your head and say out loud, “Thank You, Jesus.” If someone is listening in the other room, here’s your opportunity to be a witness of the JOY OF THE LORD at work in and through your life as you share with them how God’s pattern is coming together in your life.

Please read the following very carefully A DVD was recorded the night Brother Copeland and I joined in ministry at his Minister’s Conference, and I want you to have it because I believe it will be a faith builder. I want you to hear what was said to the men and women who minister behind pulpits in places around the world. Partner, I want you to experience the miraculous healings that took place in the service.

I want you to hear a bit of my personal testimony of how God healed Lindsay early in our marriage… I want you to hear for yourself how the pattern came together in my own life as the angels came to walk with my Dad as he made his home-going journey. And I want you to join pastors and lay leaders as we rekindled our commitment to be ready for His Glory. I want you to experience the Praise, Worship and Joy by putting you right in the middle of this exciting experience. I believe you will watch it over and over as a faith builder in your own life.

I will send you a personal DVD of this powerful worship experience at NO CHARGE and POSTAGE PAID when you return the enclosed Prayer and Praise Sheet along with your best  Moving into God’s Pattern Seed Gift Offering as, together, we continue to lift up the Healing Jesus through the Greater Works mission to which He has called us. The amount of your gift should reflect the exact amount God is leading you to sow as you ACT on your faith in His ability to fulfill His every promise in and through your life.

I look forward to receiving your Prayer and Praise Sheet… I look forward to us standing in agreement for the blessing of Abraham to be upon you as you honor God through your prayers and faithful financial support of the mission to which God has called us. I am believing for greater days ahead for our nation, our cities and towns, our churches and our homes as we strengthen our individual lives in preparation for the Glory of the Lord.

Faithful to the Full Gospel of Jesus,


PS. Remember, when I receive your Prayer and Praise Sheet and seed-faith offering, I will send your DVD of When the Pattern Is Right, the Glory Will Fall, as well as a full report of our recent miracle trip to Ghana, West Africa. Your prayers and support are so important as, together, we continue doing the Greater Works of Jesus. I look forward to hearing from you soon.