May 2018 Mailing

Not a myth…not a fairy tale…not a legend…But it’s something that is going to happen soon…and it’s of vital importance to you and to your loved-ones.

Dear Partner,

I am so glad to write to you today and share what God has laid on my heart regarding the soon coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God has been dealing with me concerning the fact that America is not ready, the nations are not ready, and more specifically, the Church, for the most part, is not ready for the Second Coming of the Lord.

I read a recent national survey of 1,000 protestant pastors which indicated that 36% of those surveyed do not believe in a literal rapture as the Bible teaches. It’s no wonder then, that in many churches, there is very little preaching and teaching on the end-times. In many Christian circles it seems like the rapture of Believers and the glorious appearance and Second Coming of Jesus is far from their minds. People seem to be just going about their lives as if the Second Coming of the Lord is a myth and not real at all…Or, that the apostle Paul did not mean what he said in the Bible to be taken literally. There is a wasting of God’s power and a failure to grasp the urgency and the significance of the end-times that, I believe, we are even now living in.

Well, I have news…Jesus is coming again…literally!

The Bible says in verses 16–17 of 1 Thessalonians 4 that the Lord Himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God. Believers, followers of Jesus Christ all over the world will hear that trumpet sound and that commanding voice. I can just hear Him saying, “Come up here.” When that voice thunders, all those who have died as believers in Jesus, will rise up first… their resurrected, perfect, whole and eternal bodies will come up from the graves to meet the Lord in the clouds. Then those of us who are alive at that time will also be caught up with them to meet the Lord in the air and to be with Him forever.

No…the rapture of the Church is not a fairy tale. It’s not someone’s supposition. Nor is it some legend. This is the real thing. And we’re getting closer to it each and every day.

If you read Matthew 24, you’ll see that Jesus Himself told us exactly what’s going to happen…what signs to be looking for so that we are not unaware, left to wonder or become alarmed. He said we will hear of wars, and rumors of wars, nations rising against nations, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes and famine and pestilence. False prophets will rise up and will deceive many around the world, even the elect if possible (vs 24). We’re already seeing these things happen now… all over the world. But Jesus said all these are just the beginning of birth pains…this is not yet the end.

Something must and will happen first. Matthew 24:14 says, the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be preached to every person on planet earth. Everyone will have an opportunity to hear the Gospel message of Jesus and then shall the end come.

Believe me, that’s exactly how it’s going to happen…guaranteed! Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away (Matthew 24:35).

In other words, when everyone on earth has had an opportunity to hear the saving, healing, delivering message of Jesus, then the Church, the Body of Christ—all Believers—will be literally raptured from the earth or “caught up” to meet the Lord in the air to be with Him forever.

Hundreds of millions, perhaps several billion people, will be suddenly gone from the earth. I mean gone! Vanished! Then those who remain will be left in total chaos. You surely don’t want to be one of the ones left behind. Why? Because believe me, you don’t want to deal with the Antichrist.

As soon as the rapture occurs, the devil himself will release the Beast—the Antichrist—to set up his kingdom and order. This is when the Great Tribulation will begin. Yes, that’s right…tribulation…and the Bible tells us it will last for seven long, miserable years.

In the first 3 ½ years, the Antichrist will perform great signs and wonders…they will appear to be miracles. But, they will be false miracles. The Antichrist will be a man of great cunning and intellect, a “master of intrigue” as he’s described in Daniel chapter 8, who will appear to solve many of the world’s problems. He will cause deceit to prosper and will consider himself superior. He will destroy many in an attempt to gain world domination.

But…Do not be deceived. His plan will be from Satan himself …a plan designed to take as many as possible to hell with him. Don’t believe the false teachers of today who say that there is no such place as hell. Jesus spoke often about hell. Believe me, there is a hell and you don’t want to go there.

The Bible makes it clear that the Antichrist will come out of the old Greco-Roman empire…that means Europe. He will throw the world into nuclear war, and approximately one-third of the earth’s population will die as he attempts to solidify his grip upon the earth.

At the end of the first 3 ½ years, he will appear to be assassinated. Then the fullness of Satan will enter him as he is raised up. The Bible says He will cause astounding devastation and will succeed in whatever he does. Never before has the world seen or experienced the kind of evil the Antichrist will bring upon the earth and its people. For their will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again (Matthew 24:21).

First, he will break the peace with Israel and stand in the newly rebuilt temple in Jerusalem and commit the abomination of desolation, spoken of through the prophet Daniel. He will declare himself as God. He will then force all people to take his mark. None will be allowed to buy or sell without this mark. But to take his mark will seal a person to hell forever.

During this time, there will be many millions who will receive Christ as Savior. Many will be killed by the Antichrist…martyred…they will be put on mock trials and publicly executed. People will shout, “Antichrist is God, Antichrist is God!” The Beast’s false prophet will spread the news all over the earth.

As Bible prophecy declares, millions of Jews will become born again and will flee into the Judean hillsides and deserts to try and hide from the Antichrist and his decrees. In doing so, they will find the Hebrew New Testaments that have been hidden for decades inside cases in the desert caves of Israel. I know this to be true because back in the 1950s, our ministry had a hand in hiding thousands of these New Testaments there for just this time in history.

Meanwhile, 144,000 young Jewish evangelists will proclaim the Gospel of Christ and many will turn to the Lord and will be caught up in a mid-tribulation rapture. Immediately following, God will release two witnesses…perhaps Moses and Elijah…powerful men who will prophecy and testify of the Lord (Revelation 11). The Bible says if anyone tries to harm them, fire will come from their mouths and devour their enemies. Their words will permeate and turn the hearts of some…but they will be hated by most people. The Antichrist will have no power over them until three days before the end of the tribulation when they will be murdered. They will be refused burial and their bodies will lie in the streets. But after three days, just like Jesus Himself, the breath of life from God will enter into them and they will be raised from the dead and taken up in a cloud.

A 200 million man army will be gathered together and will march from Asia to Israel for the final battle of the ages…the Battle of Armageddon, in the Valley of Megiddo. On that last day of the Great Tribulation, at the culmination of this battle, Jesus Himself will come through the clouds with power and great glory. Every eye shall see Him! He will descend to the earth with the armies of heaven following, and will stand on the Mount of Olives. Fire will come from the sword of His mouth. I believe that it will probably be nuclear, and then the 200 million man army will be destroyed in the flash of a second. Blood will rise as high as a horse’s bridle (Revelation 14).

Then the Lord will throw the Antichrist and the false prophet alive into the lake of fire. An angel will descend with a huge chain and lock up the devil in the abyss for a thousand years. You and I, as Believers, will be standing by watching all this happen and then we will take our places here on earth to rule and to reign with Christ for a thousand years. Glory to God forever!

Partner, please listen carefully. This is not something made up nor is it someone’s wild imaginings. The entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, points to everything I’ve just shared with you. It’s going to happen… Will you be ready? Are your loved-ones ready?

Jesus said He will come again as a thief in the night. We must be watching and we must be about His greater works, as He said in John 14:12. We have to be the witnesses that God has called us to be (Acts 1:8). As for me and my family…we’re ready to meet the Lord in the air at any moment. But meanwhile, we are wasting no time in working for the Lord as His witnesses.

This is why I’m working so hard to get our Greater Works tablets into the hands of as many underdeveloped nations’ pastors as quickly as possible. They are crying out for Bible training and materials. And, it’s why I need your help. It’s about populating heaven and plundering hell. It’s about winning the lost to Christ all over the world. And by helping me in this great effort, you are a part of helping to usher in the harvest of souls before Jesus returns.

You see, every tablet in the hands of a born again, spirit-filled pastor in some underdeveloped nation, means hundreds and thousands will have the opportunity to hear the message of Jesus.

It’s so thrilling to be alive at this particular time in history and to be a part of this drama of the end-times! I know you feel it too and want to be a part of God’s plan.

Now, because I know also that you have a heart for winning the lost to Christ and for helping with our Greater Works Vision outreaches, I’m asking you for your help… and I’m asking for it TODAY. There is a tremendous job yet to be done and we all have our part to play. I have a call on my life to do my part, and as I do—and as you help me—you’re going to have a part in every soul saved, healed, and delivered by the power of God. Every gift you give through this healing ministry goes toward furthering the Gospel and winning souls to Christ.

On this month’s Prayer and Praise Sheet, notice that I have included a space for you to write down the names of your family members who are not walking with the Lord or do not yet know Him. I know you want them to be ready to meet the Lord when He says, “Come up here.” So please, return the Prayer Sheet to me just as quickly as you can, along with your best gift. Send your dear ones’ names so that I can pray over them and believe with you for their salvation.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you very soon. Like you, I want to be a faithful and wise servant, occupying and working for the Kingdom right up until that trumpet sounds! May God richly bless you as we partner together.

Your partner for a Better Life in Christ,


PS. I am so passionate about reminding people everywhere about the Second Coming of the Lord… that I’ve written a booklet entitled “The Return – Signs of the End-Times and What to Expect.” It’s an easy-to-understand, overview of what I’ve shared with you today, but in a little more detail. Get a copy for yourself and one to share with a family member or loved one who doesn’t yet know Christ. I want you to have a FREE copy. Just indicate on the Prayer and Praise Sheet that you want it and I’ll send it to you as quickly as I can.