February 2018 Mailing

The camels are coming! Yes…I said the camels are coming…

Dear Partner,

You are probably thinking, “What is Richard talking about?” Well, just keep reading… I believe this message will inspire you and build your faith!

We are only thirty days into this New Year of 2018… the year of God’s uplift and favor…and He’s already been moving mightily.

Partner, I spent a great deal of time in prayer at the end of 2017… not only for this ministry, but for you and your needs. And God reminded me of Isaiah chapter 60, verses 6 and 7 which say, The multitude of camels shall cover your land, the young camels of Midian and Ephah; all those from Sheba shall come: they shall bring gold and incense; they shall proclaim the praises of the Lord. All the flocks of Kedar shall be gathered together to you, the rams of Nebaioth shall minister to you: they shall ascend with acceptance on my altar, and I will glorify the house of my glory.

Listen to that… God said camels…yes, that’s right… camels. The camels are coming!

In Bible days, camels were a sign of wealth and prosperity. In fact, Job owned 3,000 camels. And Rebekah, who came from a family of substance, rode on a camel to meet her soon-to-be husband, Isaac.

Now, as you may already know, camels are also beasts of burden…a delivery system. They can carry a man, plus an additional 800 pounds in weight and still walk up to twenty-five miles a day. They are like pickup trucks… or more like the eighteen-wheelers of the desert!

Most camels have two humps but they are not for storing water as some may think. The fatty tissue in the hump helps them to stay alive in the harsh desert conditions of extreme daytime heat and cold nights, and they can go without food or water longer than any other animal.

Some more interesting facts about camels are that they have 34 long teeth which they use to dig food out of the desert that no other animal can get to. Also, a camel has two rows of eyelashes to protect it from the abrasive desert winds and sand storms and they have long bushy eyebrows that act as natural sunglasses. They also have a rim around their hooves and two big toes to help keep them from sinking in the deserts’ boggy and shifting sands.

The camel is so perfectly designed…It is able to endure and get through challenges that most other animals could never survive. They are a carrier of provision that can get through very adverse conditions. I believe God was reminding me of this and showing me that He can get provision to you and me in good or bad situations.

I believe God is saying He is sending the camels – provision – to you and me. God says they are loaded with gold and silver and other fine things. You may ask, “Who, specifically, are these camels being sent to?” They are being sent by God to those that diligently seek Him…to those who have a heart for the nations…a heart for souls. They are being sent to those who are giving unto the Lord as a seed of their faith and expecting God to multiply it back to them.

I am talking about you and me and this ministry. You are so important to Him because you have a heart for salvation, healing, and miracles. You have a heart for the saving of people in nations all over the world. Believe me I know, because that is my heart too. And that’s why I believe God has brought us together as partners.

Recently, I heard a prophetic word from a woman in Australia named Lana Vawser. She is a prophet of the Lord and has spoken into my life a number of times. Here is what she said from the Lord:

“I have come to restore, to refresh, to revive and to renew. Be comforted, your warfare has been accomplished. This is the dawning of your new future in me. I am making for you abundance and provision. And now wealth and prosperity shall be your portion.”

As I meditated on these words, the Lord continued speaking to me saying, “For now the camels are coming, they come with no lack, for I have filled them. I have stored them up and I am sending them to you and to those who will obey me.”

I shared in January that 2018 was going to be a year of God’s divine uplift and favor. Favor for His children, like you and me, and favor for our nations…blessing for our nations…and healing for our nations.

God wants to lift you up in every area of your life… spirit, soul, and body (3 John 2). And I believe that we are coming into His time for that divine uplift… that divine favor that I’ve been telling you was coming.

I was reminded of something I observed as a child and it is a perfect picture of God’s divine uplift and favor for His children. When I was a boy, we lived on a farm outside of the city. We had horses, cattle and chickens, and a three acre lake that I loved to fish in.

One day I had a phenomenal experience. I got to sit ten feet away from a mother cow and watch her give birth to her calf. It was amazing! I had never seen anything like that in my life.

Immediately upon being born, the little calf tried to stand up, but its legs were like rubber and so wobbly. Each time he tried, he fell. Then, as the calf was trying again to stand, his mother leaned over and stuck out her big tongue and licked him in an upward fashion. Each lick was an uplift to that little calf.

And as she licked him each time he tried to stand, he got stronger and stronger, until he was eventually able to walk and then run. I will never forget that experience. That’s a picture of God’s divine uplift and favor for you, His child.

Partner, God has big plans for YOU. In fact, His Word says in Jeremiah 29:11 that His plans for you are for good and not for evil.

My dad, Oral Roberts, used to have a plaque on his desk in his office which read, “Make no little plans here.” My dad was a big thinker and so am I. In fact, when I think of reaching this world for Christ, I think nations…and people groups all over the world, as well as masses here in the USA and Canada. I mean “populating Heaven and plundering Hell!”

I believe our best days are ahead of us and not behind us. In fact, right now, I want to challenge you to get a “make no little plans here” attitude in your life! I believe there is so much more that God wants to do in and through your life.

And now is the time to use your faith as never before and to stand strong in Him and in the power of His Word. Now is the time to give into His work on earth and believe that the camels He is sending are coming your way.

There is so much more to do. The signs of the Lord’s coming are everywhere and we must be busy about His work on earth. We must help to prepare the way for the Second Coming of Christ. And in that, God is preparing to put the tools – the provision – in our hands to accomplish His purposes.

What is the key to getting these treasure-laden camels that God is sending to come directly to where you live? I believe it’s your obedience to God’s Word and your giving to Him, in faith, that makes the difference. That’s when God stands up and takes notice (Hebrews 11:6).

I tell you… God is calling to His own. His hand is upon us and He is not about to let us go (John 10: 27-28). He is our loving Heavenly Father watching over us and sending His “blessing upon blessing upon blessing” our way.

I believe right now is the time to give your very best unto the Lord. Now, is the time to release your faith and believe for Him to send the camels – provision – straight to your door.

As you may know, in just a few days my ministry team and I will be heading to India where I’ll be teaching and ministering to 1,200 rural pastors. Jesus taught 12 disciples who spread His message throughout the land in their time. I will be training 1,200 that I believe will greatly impact their nation of more than a billion for Christ!

Thank you so much for your prayers and your financial support. I cannot wait to give you a report of how God is moving in India.

I so appreciate partnering with you and I’m thankful for the privilege of praying for your needs. So…don’t forget to return the enclosed Prayer and Praise Sheet and let me know how I can pray for you. I want to help you be all God has called you to be as you travel down His road to a Better Life in Him.

And remember…God’s Word says the camels are coming! Release your faith now as you give unto the Lord, and believe they are coming for YOU.

Your Partner for a Better Life in Christ,Richard

PS. Yes… I did say “the camels are coming!” God is sending “camels” — provision — our way. Will you be looking for them and be ready to release your faith for what they are bringing?

Please return your prayer sheet and best gift as soon as you can. Let’s “make no little plans” for 2018… Let me know what your BIG plans are… I want to join my faith with yours for the accomplishment of God’s divine destiny for your life.