December 2017 Mailing

Dear Partner,

I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you for standing with me in this healing ministry. I am so thrilled to be a part of this ministry… and to partner with you.

As we are preparing for Christmas and the New Year ahead, many of us will reflect on all that God has done in our lives. Let me share some of the exciting experiences I have had as the son of Oral Roberts and how God has prepared me for ministry.

I became a part of the Oral Roberts Ministries’ team when I was twenty. The year was 1968… almost 50 years ago! At that time, my dad had begun a weekly Sunday morning television program, seen across the United States and Canada. The tapings were done before a live audience, and I loved being a part of each program… mainly because I got to do one of the things I love, and that is to sing. I was the soloist, and I sang on almost every program.

Another role I played in the ministry at that time was as my dad’s personal assistant. Wherever he went, I went. Whatever he did, I did. I was involved in every aspect of the ministry… from TV and radio, to the planning and construction of new ministry buildings… to participating in healing crusades and partner meetings around the world… to helping write letters and books and, of course, ministering through music.

Around that same time, my dad was writing what became one of his most requested books (and still is to this day), titled The Miracle of Seed-faith. The book was a direct revelation from God which began a revolution—leading millions to a deeper understanding of God’s biblical principles of sowing and reaping, seed time and harvest. It also stirred up a lot of controversy. Some people called my dad’s teaching heresy, but that was just their jealousy talking. Every principle he taught came straight from God’s Word.

Now, my dad would always write by hand on a yellow legal pad. Since I had learned to type when I was fourteen, I was nominated to type his manuscripts. He would write and I would type. Then he would take what I’d typed and edit it until he got it just the way he wanted it. All through the writing and editing process, my dad would allow me to interject some of my own personal thoughts on the subject he was writing about, and he would sometimes incorporate them into his book. I didn’t realize it then, but I was learning how to write books myself, which God would later use to further the Gospel and bring blessings to many people’s lives.

Over the years, I continued helping my dad as he wrote many great and inspiring books. We even co-wrote books. It was great to work alongside him as we came up with chapter titles, searched the Bible for scriptures for the subject matter, and researched great stories to add interest.

We collaborated on these books whenever we could and wherever we happened to be…at his house or at our ministry office… even in hotel rooms when we were traveling together.

When Lindsay and I married, we (my dad, Lindsay and I) formed a three-person team. We felt that working together on writing and editing our partner letters, as well as the books and magazines, gave them a more personal feel. In fact, Lindsay was so in tune with my dad’s way of saying what he wanted said in his books that he would often give her a small stack of hand-written material, and she could turn it into a powerful book.

During those years, the three of us were almost inseparable. And as Lindsay and I began writing our own books, my dad would often make valuable contributions to them. We always welcomed his input because the words he would suggest would get deep down into our hearts and bring us (and the readers) into a closer walk with God and into a position to receive His healing power and blessing. And it’s that same spirit that Lindsay and I have tried to convey to readers such as you as we’ve written our own books.

Just some of the books I’ve written that stand out in my mind as I think back are: He’s the God of a Second Chance, The Unlimited Power within You, He’s a Healing Jesus, When All Hell Breaks Loose and Unstoppable Increase. And Lindsay’s books: 36 Hours with an Angel, Overcoming Stress, the Make Your Day Count series, and Read, and Pray, and then Obey, are just a few of the many works which we felt God inspired us to put down on paper. Of course, we give all the credit to the Lord for His anointing on the written words, for His favor, and for our many readers who, we know from testimonies, have been blessed and encouraged.

God established a firm foundation of faith in my life while working side-by-side with my dad in those early years of ministry. As I reflect, it is clear that He used those experiences to prepare me and Lindsay for our own strong anointing to write for Him. And recently, I’ve been inspired by God to write again, and have just completed my newest book, Your Road to a Better Life.

I believe this book is very timely and will be a tremendous blessing in your life.   

You might ask, “Richard, why is this particular book so important?”  And, “How will I benefit from having my own copy of it?”

I’ll tell you why… It’s because I believe that your road to a better life is paved with miracles. And we have to have God’s miraculous power working in our everyday lives to be able to do the greater works Jesus spoke of in John 14:12: “… he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.”

Partner, this book is for you, if

  you are ready to learn key biblical principles that will bring God’s miracles into your life

  you want to know how to trust God as the total Source for all your needs to be met

  your desire is to be on top of the circumstances of life and not on the bottom—to be the head and not the         tail—to succeed and not fail

  you are ready to know that you know that God is on your side—that He’s for you and not against you

  and…  if you are lost and searching on the road to a better life

I’ll show you the many spiritual keys that I have learned and used so many times in my own life… simple, yet life-changing keys that have brought God’s miracles—when I needed them, and when I had to have them. Let me help you navigate the many twists and turns of everyday living… the problems and negative circumstances you may encounter as you travel your own road to a better life in Christ.

Your Road to a Better Life is made up of 91 chapters… or 91 days of readings… a chapter a day for 13 weeks. And, after you’ve read it once, you can start over! In a year’s time, you can read the book four times. I encourage you to take each lesson day-by-day, step-by-step. Read it, meditate on it, and ask God to speak to you through it. What a great way to supplement your Bible study!

I hope you will join me for this journey on the road to a better life in Christ. I believe that by the end of it, you will have opened up to the goodness and the power of God as never before. And as you begin to follow the keys I’ve set before you each day, I believe that not only will all the “ifs” be satisfied, but you will have a newfound appreciation for God’s Word… You’ll have a better understanding of why God wants you to be healed and whole—in every area of your life… And you will come to know the Holy Spirit as a person, and who He was sent here to be… just for you.

Your Road to a Better Life will be arriving from the printer in just a few days, and I look forward to sending it to you right away. I encourage you to request your copy as quickly as possible. I believe as you read and re-read this book, it will encourage you daily and build your faith as you put into practice the great biblical principles and keys God has given me through the years—along with my own life’s experiences—to share with you. (You can see what some of my close friends in ministry are saying about the book on the enclosed flyer.)

Now, a reminder of an upcoming outreach I’ve been telling you about…

In February, I’m traveling to central India with my team to minister to hundreds and hundreds of pastors there. These are pastors and leaders who minister in areas where there is very little and oftentimes no Internet connection. Some of them will be traveling up to 14 hours by train to attend the meetings. I’ll be giving each one of the pastors a Greater Works tablet which contain more than 20,000 pages of Oral Roberts Ministries’ written material, as well as hundreds of hours of audio and video, and spending two days teaching and imparting into their lives to help them be the pastors and ministry leaders that God has called them to be. And you can be a part of making it happen. I cannot do this outreach alone. I must have your help.

This is an exciting time for this ministry! We have so many ministry opportunities ahead, and our world is in such need of the Gospel and God’s healing power. I’m forging ahead full-speed with India, believing for our outreach there to have a mighty impact for Jesus Christ.

So, won’t you please join me in helping to spread the Gospel of Christ in India and throughout the US and Canada in 2018? Please pray about planting a double-blessing, end of the year seed to help us finish strong as we close out 2017. Please pray and sow as the Lord leads you to help with the Greater Works outreaches… and all that we are doing for God.

And when you sow your seed into the outreaches of the Oral Roberts Ministries this month, I have not one, but two gifts for you.

First, for any seed-faith gift, I will send you my new book, Your Road to a Better Life.

And second, don’t forget… for your gift of $25 or more this month, you’ll also have access to the GreaterWorks.Online website. You can begin 2018 immersed in God’s Word through reading Your Road to a Better Life and have access to the same ministry resources that we are making available in India, and around the world, through the Greater Works outreaches. I believe this new book, and the other anointed resources on this donor site, can help make 2018 a life-changing year for you!

Thank you in advance for the end of the year seed-gifts you will be sowing this month, and for continuing to partner with me. I’m setting my faith with yours for God to bless your seed and to multiply it back to you and meet every need you have, according to Luke 6:38. Your love, prayers and support mean so much, and I’m expecting a great 2018 for you!

My love to you and my prayers go with you, as always. Be sure and use the enclosed Double Blessing prayer and praise sheet I’ve included to send me your prayer requests.  Send them to me just as fast as you can so that I’ll have them in my hands before Christmas. May God richly bless you, and I expect Him to do it.

Your Partner for Miracles,



PS. Friend, I truly believe my newest book, Your Road to a Better Life, is going to become a valued companion resource to your Bible anytime you need a refresher course in Faith 101! So, don’t forget to request your copy as you sow today. I’ll send it to you for any seed-gift into this healing ministry this month. Let’s begin 2018 partnering together on our road to a better life in Christ!