April Letter

Dear Partner,

Right now I feel so strongly about making sure we COVER ALL THE BASES as we prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus in this year of Greater Works. When God told me to designate this year as the year of Greater Works, He challenged me to let you see ALL THAT HE HAS FOR YOU as a participant in His overcoming life plan He has for you! In fact, by the Spirit, I’m to do everything within my power to get you to see you don’t have to settle for anything less than what God has for YOU!!!

I believe the fact that you are reading this letter right now is a divine appointment between you and what the Holy Spirit desires to do in your life… This is a meeting between what is and what CAN BE by divine intervention.

Let’s settle two issues right here and now… First, there is NOTHING going on in your life right now that God can’t fix or make better. Second, as a blood-bought child of the King, God has a magnificent plan that includes MORE than an “every-once-in-a-while” blessing…

This is so important, Partner. God has a CONTINUOUS FLOW of HIS BLESSING for YOU… As His child, YOU have an anointed position in His family––a position that allows you to participate in every promise He has ever made…

In fact, His plan for you includes you doing Greater Works than you ever imagined in His name! As a blood-bought child of the Most High God, YOU have been given authority to operate in His power, the power of the Word, as a participant in Greater Works. All you have to do is STEP IN and begin to MOVE IN IT!

VERY IMPORTANT… To help you see how strongly I feel about who you are in Christ, I’ve enclosed a packet of anointing oil as a point of contact between you, me and our Heavenly Father for the purpose of helping you ACT on your faith in the God of More Than Enough and what He can do in your life. Because I’m sending it to you for a very special purpose, please don’t open it…

I believe THIS IS YOUR TIME to make a life changing decision––a decision that will actually change your relationship with the Lord as you move ever closer to His plan for your life…

Right now I want you to take the packet of anointing oil and hold it in your hand as you complete the rest of this letter — Please DON’T open it. As you hold it in your hand, I want you to allow the Holy Spirit to create a picture in your mind… Allow Him to show you the story of the widow who ACTED on her faith in what the prophet told her as recorded in I Kings 17:13-14…

Do you see the cruse of oil… Are you seeing that every time she dipped in and took oil out to cook with, a miracle took place and God replaced it? This story was not recorded in Holy Scriptures just for the sake of the story. It was recorded so that EVERY READER, including YOU, could learn a powerful truth from what now appears to be “just an act of faith.” I pray you will read the following EIGHT LINES very carefully because I’m writing them to YOU…

The widow overcame her doubt… To her, this was a man telling her to fix his meal first… Yes, the man was a prophet. However, there is no record of her having knowledge of any supernatural exploits following Elijah, the prophet… She saw a man telling her to use what she believed was the last of what she had to prepare him a meal… She overcame the powerful emotion of fear… Remember, she believed she would die of hunger when the last of the meal and oil were used to prepare the meal as the prophet was instructing her. The choice was hers. She came into agreement with her inner faith that there had to be more than dying of starvation and made a personal decision to do as the man of God had requested…

I’m asking you to GO BEYOND what you see in the natural… The natural thing to do when you are facing a crisis is to hold on to what you have. The widow could have done the natural thing and held onto the last handful of meal and bit of oil for herself and her son, and they would have died. But there is nothing natural about the SUPERNATURAL GOD we serve.

Now, I want you to do something you may have never done
before because I’m trying to help you see that God wants to get
something to you that you’ve never had before

I want you to look at the packet of oil you are holding in your hand and I want you to say these words out loud: “YES! I can do this… DOUBT, you have NO PLACE in my walk with God… FEAR, you have held me back long enough… I curse you, spirit of fear­—in the name of Jesus. There is NO place for you in the miracle life God has for me.”

THIS IS YOUR TIME to do something that you
may feel uncomfortable doing so you can release a
POWERFUL principle in the realm of the SUPERNATURAL

Look at the packet of oil you are holding and speak these words out loud: “ Lord, as Your child, I ask You to sanctify this oil I hold in my hand. I call this oil Holy Oil… And Lord, as I release this oil by returning it to Richard for the great Anointing Service, I’m asking You to use this Holy Oil as a symbol of my faith to turn on the continuous flow of blessing in my life just as You did for the widow. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

Now, this is what I want you to do: Please go immediately to the Continuous Flow Miracle Prayer Sheet I have enclosed with this letter. As you continue to hold the unopened packet of Anointing Oil in your hand, please complete your personalized prayer sheet. This is where you overcome doubt This is where you defeat any stronghold fear may have in your life…

As you complete the enclosed Miracle Prayer Sheet, I challenge you to be specific. What you write on your prayer sheet is confidential between you, God and this ministry. As you share your heart with me, remember this truth: “When you get specific with God, He gets specific with YOU!”

At the bottom of your Miracle Prayer Sheet, there is a place provided for you to sow a Continuous Flow Miracle Seed. I challenge you to get very specific with God about your willingness to ACT on your faith in what He is trying to get to you.

All God is looking for is a seed…an ACT of your faith! You determine the size of the harvest… The Bible is very clear about the miracle power that is released in sowing and reaping: “But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully” (2 Corinthians 9:6).

Partner, THIS IS YOUR TIME to cast down doubt, curse the
spirit of fear and take authority over your future as you get specific
with God concerning both your personal miracle and the More-Than-Enough Harvest
you want released into your life

When you have completed the enclosed Miracle Prayer Sheet, return it to me, along with your Continuous Flow Seed Gift and the packet of Anointing Oil over which you have prayed and God has sanctified as Holy. When I receive your Prayer Sheet and Seed Gift reply, I’ll come into a prayer of agreement as we release God’s Continuous Flow of blessing into your life.


I want YOU to be included in our great Continuous Flow Miracle Anointing Service on Monday, May 1. I believe God is going to use this miracle service to lift all of us to a new level of understanding of His plan for us to live in His More Than Enough Anointing in these exciting days of Greater Works.

When I receive your packet of Anointing Oil, it will be blended with the Anointing Oil we receive from praying partners and friends of this ministry from around the world. The blending of the oil will be a symbol of ALL OF US coming together in AGREEMENT, praying one for another…

Think about it… Believers you have never met, coming into agreement with you for your miracle as you come into agreement with them for the miracle they need from God. Think about the POWER we will be releasing into each of our lives as we come into agreement in this great Anointing Service Broadcast on Monday, May 1.

But that’s not all… When you return the enclosed Miracle Prayer Sheet, along with your packet of Anointing Oil — so I receive it by May — I’m going to take the remaining oil from our Anointing Service and send you a personal vial of Anointing Oil created from the oil returned to me from believers all over the world… The Anointing Oil that has been prayed over by ALL OF US coming together as a symbol of our commitment to stand in agreement for the miracle God has for each of us.

Think about itA believer in another part of the world standing
in Agreement with you.
The exciting truth of Greater Works coming Alive in Your Life!
Believers all around the world standing with you
as God releases His Continuous Flow of blessing into your life
. Get ready for your miracle!

I have done my best as a faithful steward to share what God has placed on my heart. The choice right now is yours. I challenge you to say, without reservation, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

I pray the Holy Spirit has interpreted this letter to your heart as He is revealing those areas in which He desires to bless you beyond anything you can even imagine. I look forward to hearing from you… I look forward to God’s miraculous blessing flow being released into every minute of your life as more-than-enough is released into your life so you can do Greater Works in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Your Partner for Miracles.


Richard Roberts

PS. Please complete the enclosed Prayer Sheet Reply and return to me as quickly as you can get it in the mail. I want you included in the Continuous Flow Prayer and Anointing Broadcast on Monday, May 1. I look forward to hearing from you as we stand together, through the Prayer of Agreement (Matthew 18:19) as we witness the Miraculous Power of God being released in and through your life.