Five Miraculous Days in Ghana

by ORM staff member

We’ve come to Kumasi, Ghana, for five days and a single purpose: to bless the people!
Kumasi is the second largest city in the West African nation of Ghana and home to its largest tribe, the Ashanti. I’m here as part of a 27-member team accompanying Richard Roberts on invitation from the King of the Ashanti tribe and the President of Ghana.

Day One: Spreading the Word

As soon as we land at the airport, local television reporters meet with Richard to spread word throughout Kumasi about the miracle healing crusade and the 21,000 Bibles we have brought for those who get saved at the crusade.
“It is an honor to be here in Kumasi,” Richard tells reporters. “God is a good God, and I believe He has something good for Kumasi this week”
Richard then goes to four local radio stations in Kumasi for live interviews to talk about the crusade, the free medical clinic, and the money and school supplies the Oral Roberts Ministries plans to give for the children of Kumasi.
Then the government has sponsored a parade to show the people of Kumasi that Richard Roberts is, indeed, here in Ghana, just as he said he would be. So now the word is out: Healing, salvation, and miracles are at hand!

Day Two: Setting Up the Medical Clinic

It’s an early start for the medical and dental team members today. As they get the free medical clinic ready in the basement of a church, there are already several hundred people waiting to see the doctors.
After prayer, we bring the first patients in to speak to our nurses. The ministry has brought free medicine—antibiotics, insulin, and pain medications—enough to fill thousands of prescriptions.
The turnout for the first day of the clinic is almost overwhelming.
“There are so many things that we can’t do for these people,” says Dr. Clay Powell. “Medicine falls short, and when that happens, you need a miracle.”
Team member Brenda Issacs, a registered nurse, adds, “When we see a patient we can’t help through medicine alone, we invite them to the crusade. We tell them that we believe God will show up, and we hope they’ll show up too.”

The First Night of the Healing Crusade

Tens of thousands of people do show up for the first night of the crusade, even with the threat of a thunderstorm.
“Tonight is a night of miracles!” Richard tells them from the platform. Within minutes a wave of healing spreads throughout the crusade grounds, and people begin to come forward and testify of God’s goodness. One highlight is a man who has had asthma for 35 years, but now can breathe freely!
The evening ends with countless people coming forward to give their lives to Christ.

Day Three: Standing Room Only

Twice as many people come to the clinic today. It’s another busy day for nurses and doctors to try to help as many patients as possible.
In the same church where we’ve set up the clinic, there’s a preschool with nearly 100 children, and each morning they are here to greet us.
The King of the Ashanti tribe has set up an education fund for the children of his nation. When we learned of the fund, Oral Roberts Ministries decided to donate 5,000 pencils and 1,000 copies of Lindsay Roberts’ children’s book The ABC’s of Faith to help the children.
Today we donate the first book to this preschool. Headmistress Alice Boahen reads it to the children, first in English, then in their native Ashanti.

Healing Miracles

Tonight at the crusade, the crowd has also doubled in size. Richard speaks about having victory over the devil, and it’s not long before God’s healing power begins to move.
One woman testifies that she has not been able to bend over for 16 years because of severe pain in her back. But tonight she is bending over all the way without pain!
After many other healing testimonies, the front is flooded with people who respond to Richard’s call to receive Jesus.

Day Four: The Busiest of All

Day four is our busiest day in Kumasi, and our most rewarding. Richard wraps up his two-day pastors’ conference with a message on what it means to be a spiritual leader. At the end of the service he lays hands on 1,600 ministers and their spouses, anointing them with oil.
After the pastors’ conference, Ashanti King Nan Osei Tutu II invites Richard for a visit. At that meeting Richard prays for the king, and he also gives an offering to the Children’s Fund—the king’s favorite charity.
In the meantime, on this last day of the clinic, the waiting room is full again. The doctors, nurses, and dental team manage to see more than 1,000 patients. Many of the patients are very grateful.
“We thank you very much for coming,” said one Ghanaian. “I think it is the will of God that we should be healed.”

At the Crusade

It doesn’t take long tonight for the healing power of God to flow through the crusade grounds, and soon thousands of people line up to testify.
One man has had chest pains for two years, but now that pain is completely gone. Another had a stroke six months ago and hasn’t been able to walk without a cane. But tonight he’s walking perfectly straight without it!
At the end of the service, Richard leads thousands in the prayer of salvation.
“The Bible says when a sinner comes to God, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels,” he said. “There’s rejoicing right now in the presence of the angels because of what’s happening here!”

The Final Day

Our time in Kumasi has gone by far too quickly. The people of Kumasi and their smiles have touched all of our hearts
Tonight at the healing crusade, Richard finishes preaching, and God’s healing power again begins to move. One woman who has suffered severe pain in her stomach for 12 years says she started shaking all over, and now the pain is gone!
Another woman was in the hospital yesterday for high blood pressure, so weak she could hardly move. She came to the crusade tonight believing God for a healing, and says she felt His power rushing through her. Now strength has returned to her body!
And when Richard again gives the invitation, masses of people come forward to receive Christ. Richard sums up this extraordinary visit by saying, “All that God laid on my heart has come to pass in this Ghanaian crusade. The power of the Lord has been present to heal, and through the preaching of the Word, thousands of people have given their hearts to Christ. This was a city-wide effort, and I am so honored to be involved in it!” MN