Mid-January Letter

Dear Partner,

I hope you read my last letter from the first page to the last page. If you did, then you have some idea of just how excited I am about 2014!

As I told you, the Lord has shown me that 2014 is to be A YEAR OF RELEASE…a release of healing, miracles, prosperity, blessings, and God’s touch upon our lives.

Not only is 2014 to be the year that God releases to His faithful children what He has in His hand, but that we, as His faithful children, release what is in our hands to Him. And as I told you, I believe that we are just steps away from some major miracles!

Now, I believe that’s the position that Elisha found himself in as he stood by the  banks of the Jordan River and watched as the prophet Elijah, his mentor and father in the faith, was suddenly taken up to heaven in a whirlwind. I believe Elisha was expecting God to release something good into his life!

As Elijah was being carried up by the whirlwind, his mantle (which represented his anointing) fell off of his shoulders and came floating back to the ground.  Elisha picked it up and struck the waters, and the river parted just like it had done for Elijah, and Elisha crossed over to the other side. Suddenly, the thing Elisha had requested, a double portion of Elijah’s spirit, had become a reality…the student had become the master…the son (in the faith) had become a father. And all those who stood by watching knew it (2 Kings 2:8–15).

Many years ago, the Lord told me that when I got into my 60s, Iwould also become a father in the faith to many people…people like you and my other partners. So I think I know how Elisha must have felt that day, because just as Elisha received a double-portion anointing when Elijah was carried up to heaven, I received a double-portion anointing when my earthly father, Oral Roberts, passed from this life. And I’m seeing that special anointing in operation in my life and ministry more and more every day!

Now, if you study the Bible, you’ll find that much the same thing happened to the disciples after Jesus was raised from the dead and ascended to heaven and then sent the Holy Spirit. Peter, James, John and the other disciples, as well as many other believers in the early church, became fathers in the faith.

Later the apostle Paul became “the great father of the faith,” establishing and strengthening great churches across the known world…even lighting the light of the Gospel in Caesar’s household.

Now as I said earlier, I’ve always had a great affinity for Elisha and his transformation from a son to Elijah (in the spirit) to a father in the faith to many.

And as you know, last November I turned another corner in my life—I’m now 65 years old, and God has laid out to me His great plan for the rest of my life. Surely the Lord dealt in much the same way with Elisha. He must have had a strong feeling inside that God was going to use him.

Let’s look at the first miracle that God performed through Elisha. The men of the city came to Elisha and said their water supply had been polluted. Now, I want you to understand what they were saying. Pollution was an indication that the waters had become foul and smelly and non-drinkable for man and beast. Also, it could not be used for watering their crops.

Really, it’s a picture of an antichrist spirit that comes to take that which is pure and from God (water), and to defile and contaminate it.  And it’s still happening today. You see, God made us human beings in His image. Then satan came along to try to destroy us and to keep us from obeying God’s Word and prospering in the ways of the Lord. But God had a plan for humankind from the beginningFor this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he [Jesus] might destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8).

Perhaps in Elisha’s day, the people in the area of Jericho felt that there was a curse that had been placed upon the water supply. But Elisha did not deal with it like that. Instead he asked them to bring him a new bowl…one that had never been used, and told them to put salt in it also. Now all of us understand the healing properties in salt; it’s not only for healing, but for preservation as well. Even today, if I develop a problem in my throat from preaching or talking too hard, I’ll gargle with salt water and it isn’t long until I find that I’ve been healed.

But what about the new bowl? Why a bowl at all and why a new one? Couldn’t Elisha have just thrown the salt into the waters and prayed and rebuked the pollution and contamination? Well, if he had, then I believe there would not have been a miracle.

You see, the salt needed a container… a vessel. And the bowl was a new one, which represented something that was fresh and undefiled before the Lord.

Just like the young colt that Jesus rode on as He made His triumphant entry into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:6–9), the new bowl represents our gifts and offerings unto the Lord. It’s because they are fresh and undefiled from our recent earnings and is precious in the sight of God (Proverbs 3:9–10).

Remember that our seed is a precious container for our faith which, when sown to God, begins to reverse the plan of the evil one, the devil, so that God’s cleansing, healing, victory, prosperity, and His miracle, multiplying power can come into our lives.

When Elisha threw the salt from the bowl into the water and declared the Word of the Lord, a miracle happened. God healed and purified the waters again. In other words, He set them back to the same condition that they were in when He created them. In fact, the Bible indicates that the waters became sweet and wholesome, and are still that way today.

And as we’re told in God’s Word in Philippians 4:17–19, when you and I sow our precious seeds of finances unto the Lord, they become a sweet-smelling fragrance in His noseThey are a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God. And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

That is why I’m so glad to have the opportunity right now to ask you to plant a generous seed-faith offering unto the Lord through this healing ministry. Then really believe and expect God to use it for His glory, and multiply it back to you in the very way you need it most, as He begins to release what He has said that He would in this new year, 2014.

Notice the prayer sheet I have enclosed for you. Be sure to fill it out just as soon as possible…right now if you can. Then sow your seed…and just like when Elisha threw the healing, purifying, and preserving salt from the new bowl into the waters… expect, expect, expect the saving, healing, delivering power of God to fill your life and the lives of your family members and dear ones.

I’ll be here awaiting your response and praying for you.

Your partner for miracles,


productPS.  Be sure and watch our TV program, The Place for Miracles, as I preach all month about 2014 …THE YEAR OF RELEASE. And if you haven’t done so already, be sure to request my newest message titled “Open the Gates.” It’s available on both CD and DVD. I believe it will encourage your heart and help you to lift up your faith to God in 2014 for a release of miracles in YOUR life!