January Letter

Dear Partner,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus! And let me say it… Hello 2014, and goodbye 2013. Praise the Lord! It’s a brand new year, and like the old gospel song says, “I’ve got a feeling everything’s gonna be all right!”

I mean it… I really believe it… Something BETTER is coming in 2014…better for you and all my partners and friends…and for this healing ministry too.

It’s a new season… a new starting point. But I believe where we start is not where we are going to end up. This word has been bubbling up in my heart for weeks now, and I’ve been waiting to share it with you…

Now is the time!

Yes, it’s true. I have a great excitement about this new year 2014 for you, for your family and loved ones, and for all my partners throughout the world. I believe that we are just steps away from some major miracles. I’m expecting new doors to open and gates to swing wide.

I’ve been studying Nahum chapter 2, verse 6… where the Bible says, The gates of the rivers shall be opened, and the palace shall be dissolved. I encourage you to read that verse again. Notice that it says, “The gates shall be OPENED and the palace shall be DISSOLVED.”

Now, that verse may sound strange…but it is not so strange when you know that Nahum is addressing Nineveh and the Assyrian empire, which was known for doing great evil and bringing calamities on its neighbors, including God’s chosen people, Israel. This verse is telling Israel and those who have been hurt by the Assyrians that there is HOPE…RESTORATION…and JUSTICE…because the Lord will bring about GOOD for His people who love Him.

And catch this… I believe that this verse is more than just a prophetic word of judgment concerning the city of Nineveh back in Old Testament days. No, indeed, it is a powerful word of faith for the people of God today. Listen to this. Let me tell you what the Lord has shown me…


That means there is a new way, a new door, a new horizon. I believe that means a new season… A YEAR OF RELEASE. Yes, that’s right. I believe that 2014 will be a year of release…a release of healing, miracles, prosperity, blessings, and God’s touch upon our lives.

Satan has done everything he can to keep the gates of victory and miracles shut up, but this verse in Nahum says that the gates SHALL be opened. But the good news doesn’t stop there. Nahum 2:6 also says the palace SHALL be dissolved. Remember, God opens doors to His people that no enemy can shut (Revelation 3:8).

In my spirit, I believe this verse is speaking of God putting down our enemies…yes, putting a stop to those who have stood against the Word and the work of the Lord in our lives. That’s why I’m saying 2014 shall be a year of release.

Let’s look at the Bible. In Exodus, it says that the children of Israel (the Israelites) had been held captive in Egypt for some 400 years. They had been made slaves and served their hard taskmasters. There was no release of victory and miracles, just backbreaking servitude to a hostile, captor nation.

Then came Moses, the deliverer…a type of Christ, who came into their midst with the power of God in full dimension. “Let my people go,” he shouted to Pharaoh. But Pharaoh said, “No, I will not let the people go.”

Then came the plagues…the working of miracles… the flies, the locusts, the frogs, the blood in the water, the hailstones of fire, the cattle dying.

Now, listen to this. On the FOURTEENTH day of the first month came the Passover meal…the blood on the doorpost, the unblemished lamb, the unleavened bread and bitter herbs…which served as a sign and kept the Israelites safe during the final plague when the angel of death passed through the land of Egypt.

Meanwhile, the death of the firstborn of every Egyptian household caused the greatest release the world has ever known. Pharaoh said, “Get out of here!”

And out the Israelites walked, some 2 ½ million Israelites with all the riches of Egypt, and not a sick or feeble one among them (Psalm 105:37). Yes, the gates opened and the palace was dissolved.

You may say, “Wow! But Richard, that kind of thing only happened in Bible days.” Well, I don’t believe it only happened then. I’m expecting it to happen in 2014 for you and your family and loved ones. And yes, for this healing ministry too.

Now, let’s look at the significance of the number 14 in the Bible. As I said, the Israelites ate the Passover meal on the 14th day of the 1st month. Then, notice that Jesus went to the cross on the 14th day of the 1st month. Go even further back now, all the way to Genesis, and you’ll find that some 430 years earlier on the 14th day of the 1st month, God made two covenants with Abraham.

First, God gave Abraham the promise of a son—Isaac—and his descendents. Second, He gave Abraham the promise of a spiritual seed—Jesus Christ—and the sons of God (us) who would come through Him (Genesis 15:1–2, 4–5, 7–9).

In the Bible, the number 14 represents deliverance and salvation. Being a multiple of 7 (God’s perfect number), the number 14 implies a double measure of God’s blessing. I believe that this new year, 2014, is going to be a miracle year, a year of release…a year of deliverance, of salvation, and of God’s touch upon our lives.

This year, 2014, is the year I’ve been waiting for. I’m sure that, like me, you may have experienced ups and downs in 2013. We have endured the hardness as a good soldier (2 Timothy 2:3). Even in the face of challenges, you and I have been standing on God’s Word and obeying His instructions…even in the face of critics, lies, and various kinds of evil.

But I want you to hear this good word from the Lord…

I hear the Lord saying, “The gates are about to open wide, and the palaces shall be dissolved.” And the miracles of God are going to flow in a powerful way. I believe it with all my heart. The Lord has given me a strong word about this new year, and I believe you are a part of it.

You may be saying, “How do I bring this release into my life?” Let me tell you. It’s so simple that it’s easy to miss it. It’s one of the last words my father, Oral Roberts, gave to me.


Don’t ever forget this powerful biblical principle. Plant your seed-faith gifts to God every month. Don’t let a month slip by without doing it. Begin to increase your seed-sowing. Double up on it in 2014 and watch God begin to multiply it back to you. Sow your seed in a very deliberate way during this new year. Then really, really, really expect a miracle.

Also, I want to hear about your prayer needs. As you write down your prayer requests on your prayer form, be specific about what you are believing God to turn around for you. It’s very important to me to have the opportunity to pray over your every need.

Now, as we begin this new year, I have something very special to offer you. It’s a brand new DVD called “Open the Gates.” On it, I share all that God is pouring into my heart for this new year, 2014. I hope you will request it just as quickly as you can. Listen to it often and expect all these things to begin to come to pass in your life and in the lives of your family and loved ones in 2014.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you real soon!

Your partner for miracles,



PS. Don’t forget to request the new DVD—“Open the Gates.” You’ll learn more about what God is showing me that He has for YOU in 2014. I believe it’s a message that will encourage you and build your faith for miracles all year long. Blessings!