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The Bible tells us that every person is given the measure of faith that we need to reach out to God for salvation, healing, provision…anything that concerns us. And that faith allows us to go to God believing to see His promises in our lives… It allows us to sow our seeds and see harvests… I believe that God, our Rewarder, has good things in store for you! And remember, I’m your partner for miracles, and I pray this video message blesses you today and encourages you to keep expecting miracles! –Richard

Laura attended a Richard Roberts meeting in New York City and what she learned changed her entire way of thinking. It helped her reach out to those around her in ways she could of never imagined.

Battling a 20 year drug addiction, Alexandra attended a Richard Roberts meeting in New York City and her life was changed forever.

Richard Roberts laid hands on me and the cancer left my body! I expected a miracle!

Jacqueline Jacobs of Erath, LA received healing from pain in her shoulder.

A sampling of testimonies that have come through the Oral Roberts Ministries because of people like YOU!

A self-described “Cajun country girl,” Marcelia S. Bourque of Lafayette, Louisianna has experienced many incredible miracles in her life. She has learned first hand that Seed-Faith living works.

Orlando Centeno, Jr. of Yonkers, New York shares how he has been blessed by God through the Oral Roberts Ministries throughout his life.