Richard Roberts Ministries

I Got My Miracle Videos

Kristi struggle with depression, but when Richard Roberts visited her church, her life went into a whole new direction.

Baby Laila was fighting for her life in the neonatal intensive care unit but experienced a miraculous turnaround after her grandmother called the Abundant Life Prayer Group for prayer. Watch her amazing story.

Meet Mark from California, who was healed of debilitating seizures after receiving prayer at a Richard Roberts healing service. With God, nothing is impossible!

Katherine, a lawyer from California, was in a dire financial situation but saw God turn it around in a miraculous way after partnering with Richard Roberts’ outreach in Africa.

Elizabeth had serious anxiety issues but she experienced a complete turn around through her faith.

Michael was saved from electrocution on his job through God’s intervention. 

Rosemary injured her wrist in a terrible fall, but that changed after she attended a Richard Roberts healing service.

Joe’s brother-in-law was suffering with horrible pain and in the hospital. Find out how Joe put in his faith into action with something he received from the Oral Roberts Ministries.

Jeffrey suffered with back pain for many years. He reached out for a miracle through the Abundant Life Prayer Group.

Harold Stern has been a faithful partner with the Oral Roberts ministries for many years. Find out how this man went from being an atheist to a believer through his connection with Oral Roberts.