Richard Roberts Ministries

United Kingdom

It hurt when I walked. Even sometimes when I was standing, I could feel the pain in my back. I’m completely healed now, totally transformed, no pain. Now I can bend. I’ve got my miracle. —Crystal from Wolverhampton

When we were praying, Richard said, “Someone has been healed of a backache.” I claimed it and believed that I’m healed and made whole. There’s something different all around me. I can’t really explain what it is. I think it’s the presence of the Most High God. Yes, I got my miracle, and I’m not […]

I came in tonight with burning sensations on my shoulders. It had been going on for over a week. But right after prayer, I checked my shoulders and I couldn’t feel any pains at all. The sensation has ceased completely. I got my miracle. —Diane from London

After brother Roberts prayed, I felt something going through my bones, then my back. I sat down without any pain and I felt bones moving around. The numbness in the legs is gone, and my lower back isn’t hurting like it was. I got my miracle! —Terry from Wolverhampton