Richard Roberts Ministries

I Got My Miracle Videos

Rahual Das and his wife Unica were believing for a child, and God brought them baby Neriah through a miracle.

Jesse was a young man facing struggles with drugs and relationships until God used Richard Roberts and the principles of Seed-Faith to help him release his faith for a miracle.

Chester Chotrow and his wife Deborah have experienced God’s blessing and power through the Oral Roberts Ministries.

In the words of Tom Foerster, he didn’t get the last miracle…God has plenty more!

When drug addiction became a heavy bondage on Jerry Crose’s life, God used a visit by Richard Roberts to his home church to turn his situation around.

When a routine checkup resulted in a doctor’s diagnosis of breast cancer, Maggie Johnson of Norcross, Georgia saw the miracle working power of God show up on the scene!

Mary experienced debt cancellation through the miracle of seed faith.

Michael saw the power of God remove a brain lesion miraculously from his body.

Inner-City School of Denver, Colorado planted a seed faith gift into Richard’s crusade in El Salvador believing for God to bless their school and saw results!

Fred and Joyce Oramas planted a seed in agreement with Richard and Lindsay for 2009 to be the year of more than enough and saw blessings come to his piano moving business.