Richard Roberts Ministries

Partner Letters

Dear Partner, I have great news for you… God has not fallen off the throne! He is the same as He has always been… and that’s good! Yes, let that word speak into your heart… GOD IS GOOD! As I was growing up, my dad, Oral Roberts, was famous for coining certain phrases…like Expect a […]

Dear Partner, I’m so glad to have the opportunity to write you. I believe I have a word of the Lord today that can help you stand in faith for miracles in your life. I have been studying Mark chapter 9 and the story of when Jesus, Peter, James and John came down from the […]

Dear Partner, I have been praying for you and asking God to bring you special miracles and to meet the needs in your life. As I sat down at my kitchen table and began writing this letter, the Lord began talking to me about things that can and cannot be changed. Let me explain… He […]

Dear Partner, A special hello to you and to all of my friends and partners! I’m writing you today because of a very unusual and powerful word of prophesy from the Lord… Recently, as I was doing a special healing television program, I was given a prophetic message by a pastor from Atlanta. The more […]

Dear Partner, Just 30 days ago, I launched the Greater Works Campaign, and I tell you, I am so excited about it! I feel like my heart is literally on fire with the passion of getting the saving, healing, delivering message of Jesus Christ to the nations… and especially to those pastors and leaders in […]

Dear Partner, I don’t remember a time when I was more excited than I am right now. I have officially launched the GREATER WORKS CAMPAIGN. If you don’t yet know what I’m talking about, let me explain. When my father, Oral Roberts, prophesied over me before he died, he said, “Son, soon I’ll be gone…and […]

Partner, I am so excited to write this letter to you and to all my friends and partners in the U.S. and Canada and nations all over the world. I’m excited because God has spoken to me again… And whenever God speaks to me, it causes me to tingle all over and know that I […]

Dear Partner, If you haven’t received my last letter or if this has crossed in the mail, please read closely… This is one of the most important letters I’ve ever written to you. It’s urgent and I want to let you know what we are facing so that we can stand in faith together to […]

Dear Partner, This is a very important letter to you and to me. It is especially important to the Oral Roberts Ministries. It is a letter I probably should have written at least six months ago but didn’t. I felt the urge to write it, but instead I have been waiting for some things to change…but […]

Dear Partner This is the year for BREAKTHROUGH! This is the year to take back what the devil has stolen. This is the year for an explosion of God’s power and miracle touch upon you. This is the year to seek God like never before. This is the year for God’s “suddenly” to come into […]