Richard Roberts Ministries

Partner Letters

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A Point-of-Contact can help you release your faith for the miracle you need NOW!

You can move into position…for a supernatural breakthrough!

You are not limited by the world’s economic system…because GOD is your TRUE SOURCE for all good things!

NOW IS THE TIME…for you to grow daily in the Lord, strong and enduring and flourishing!

NOW IS THE TIME…for you to flourish through righteousness, with roots that go strong and deep into God.

“Hearing is not to hard. It just depends on what you’re listening for.”

Let me ask you a question… Do you have all the power of God that you need in your life…the power to do what you know He is asking you to do…or do you sense that you somehow need more of His power?

Now is the time to step boldly into the miracle flow that God has for you in 2010… it’s time to re-dig the wells!