Richard Roberts Ministries

Partner Letters

If you have ever felt STUCK…TRAPPED…or UNABLE to MOVE FORWARD……This letter is a divine appointment to SET YOU FREE…

Dear Partner,
I believe with every fiber of my being that God is ready to move you and me into the greatest days we have experienced in Him…

Dear Partner, I’VE GOT GREAT NEWS FOR YOU… You and I serve a God whose Word GUARANTEES our victory in Him…

Dear Partner,
Have you ever felt as though hell was breaking loose all around you, and it looked as though there was absolutely nothing you could do about it? Maybe there’s a situation you’re facing right now that is so bad you feel there’s no way out…

Dear Partner, I want you to know that TODAY is a DAY for MIRACLES!

We plant our seed—our giving—and God gives us increase through a harvest from the seed we planted.

What if I told you one of the biggest hindrances to receiving your healing is something you may not even think about?

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You can move into position…for a supernatural breakthrough!