Richard Roberts Ministries

Partner Letters

Dear Partner, Greetings to you, my dear partner, in the matchless and mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! I just had to write and tell you of a powerful experience I have had with the Lord… I have just returned from a tremendous weekend in ministry to our partners in Birmingham, Nashville, and Louisville. […]

Dear Partner, Greetings in the matchless and mighty name of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son! You and all my other partners are on my heart as I write this letter. I want to give you a gift—a very special booklet of mine, titled Overcoming Fear with Faith. I will tell you more about it later […]

Dear Partner, Do you see yourself in a PREFERRED POSITION of favor with God right now… because I believe that’s what He has in mind for you… Yes, I know the issues we face can seem very big… But they’re NOT bigger than God Himself! >He has more than enough for you—more than enough power […]

Dear Partner, How I thank God for you and all my partners! I have just come home from several partner healing services in Pensacola, Florida; Gulfport, Mississippi; and Lafayette, Louisiana. Wow—what great services we had! There were lots of miracles. I laid my hands on just about everyone who attended. As I have told you […]

Dear Partner, Greetings in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. I am sitting in a hotel room in Phoenix, Arizona, where I have been ministering. As I was praying, I felt that I should write to you and to all of my partner family and give you […]

Dear Partner, The Lord has spoken to me again. Praise God! We have a heavenly Father who still speaks today. First, we have the Logos, the written Word of God, the Bible… And second we have the Rhema, the spoken Word of the Spirit of the Lord… And we have that spoken, prophetic word available […]

Dear Partner, As I shared a few weeks ago in my last letter, I am on an all-out assault against the devil and his attack against our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and all the other children precious to our families. Just before the school shootings in Connecticut in December, the Lord laid it on my heart […]

Dear Partner, My heart sank when I heard about the recent school shooting in Connecticut. The look on the faces of the families told the story of their grief and loss. I have no doubt that the devil is out to get our children and grandchildren. I believe he knows his time on earth is […]

Dear Partner, A special hello to you and all my NEW SEASON partners! For the past month or so, God has continued to pour new and fresh ideas into my spirit. He has shown me that 2013 is to be a NEW SEASON in my life and the lives of all my partners who stand […]

Dear Partner, As I was in prayer the other day, these words came to me from the Lord… “Look to the New Year 2013. It is a New Season.” I asked the Lord what He meant. Very clearly He told me that I was coming into a new season in 2013. And He also explained […]