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Are you prepared? There are 5 things you can do in preparation… Dear Partner, For weeks now I’ve been saying it…the camels are coming…the camels are coming (Isaiah 60:6-7)! What does that mean for YOU? I believe it means INCREASE is coming! Yes, the “camels” are coming…They are coming with increase and they are carrying […]

The camels are coming! Yes…I said the camels are coming… Dear Partner, You are probably thinking, “What is Richard talking about?” Well, just keep reading… I believe this message will inspire you and build your faith! We are only thirty days into this New Year of 2018… the year of God’s uplift and favor…and He’s […]

Dear Partner, How thrilled I am to write this very special letter to you…especially being just a couple of weeks into the New Year of 2018. And I’m excited about what God has to say to us for the year ahead! Just the other night, I received a prophetic word from the Lord. This word […]

Dear Partner, Merry Christmas! I love Christmas… I’ve always loved Christmas and I have always looked forward to celebrating Jesus’ birth. I love being around a decorated tree with my family. It’s always been a special time at our house. But to me, celebrating Christmas is not just about trees and ornaments, tinsel and presents… […]

Dear Partner, I have been waiting and waiting—in great anticipation of the New Year. And now it’s here… 2018! Why am I so excited to see a brand new year come? Well, I’m believing for it to be a year for a spiritual uplift from God our Heavenly Father… for you, for me, for this […]

Dear Partner, I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you for standing with me in this healing ministry. I am so thrilled to be a part of this ministry… and to partner with you. As we are preparing for Christmas and the New Year ahead, many of us will reflect on all […]

Dear Partner, I have something to share with you that I believe is straight from God, and also news that I believe will be a blessing to you. But before I share it, I want to take time to thank God for you, and for our many partners like you who have sown in faith […]

Dear Partner, I hope you received my letter a couple of weeks ago… and I pray you’ve already replied. If so, perhaps our letters have crossed in the mail. But if you did not have an opportunity to read my last letter, I sure hope you’ll read every word of this one, for it comes […]

Dear Partner, I value your partnership and I am writing today with an urgent message about the Oral Roberts Ministries, the ministry that you have known and loved…the ministry that has touched your life and millions of others…the ministry established by my father, Oral Roberts, and that God has sustained these many years. Because you […]

Dear Partner, What’s your dream? Everybody has a dream. You do. I do. Everybody does. My question to you is not, “Do you have a dream?” but rather, “What has God placed on your heart?” and, “Do you have the courage to act on the dream you already have?” When I dreamed of having a […]