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From the archives of Oral Roberts There are two inescapable facts of life. First, your faith in God will be tried. Your love and your commitment to Him will be tested. My wife’s sister once asked me, “Oral, why, when we give ourselves to God, do these trials come? I said, “Because there is a […]

Lindsay Roberts We all want to have peace in our lives. There are many definitions for the word “peace,” but one meaning is “destroying the stronghold that creates chaos.” We can’t have peace until chaos is removed. I’ll give you an example. One time, my mother went on vacation and she left her two little […]

Richard Roberts Several years ago, Lindsay and I and our children were staying in a hotel in southern California. We were scheduled to minister in a church there the next morning. In the dead of night, we woke up to find the room shaking all around us. We were right in the middle of a […]

From the archives of Oral Roberts Faith and fear are like the two sides of a coin called “Believing.” Faith is RIGHT believing―it’s believing in God…first, that He IS, and second, that He is a good God who is the loving Father and Source of your total supply in life. Faith is believing the right […]

Lindsay Roberts I picked up my car from the repair shop one day, and somebody had tuned the radio to a station that was really loud. The music was no longer music ― it had crossed over the line into just plain noise. All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the car made my brain […]

Richard Roberts When we do our part, God does His part. The two work together. There is a divine relationship between the natural realm and the supernatural realm. When we do what we know to do in the natural, God adds His power to our abilities, and miraculous things can happen. King David acknowledged God’s […]

From the archives of Oral Roberts A great Scottish preacher once said that the real profanity of men was not the “swear words” they used, but the use of the word hopeless. When we say that a situation or condition is hopeless, we slam the door in the face of God. Years ago when crowds […]

Lindsay Roberts When I first married Richard and became a part of this ministry, my father-in-law taught me a very simple, but important, lesson. He told me, “Lindsay, you can either react or respond to life’s challenges.” He was right! His words still ring true for me today. Whether you react or respond to the […]

Richard Roberts Have you ever thought about the importance of cooperating with God in order to bring about the miracle you need? When God promised Abraham a son in his old age, Abraham’s faith in God’s promise caused him to cooperate: And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, […]

From the archives of Oral Roberts As a teenager, I told my parents I was leaving home and going out on my own. Some young men might be ready to leave home at that age, but I was leaving with the spirit and attitude of a runaway. By leaving, I was declaring my intention to […]