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What God Has for You as You Give to His Kingdom in Faith By Richard Roberts   The Lord recently woke me up out of a sound sleep to give me a message for my partners and friends. God sees and treasures every seed you sow into His kingdom. In fact, He has shown me […]

Oral Roberts has said, “During my ministry, I have personally laid hands on over a million people in prayer, thousands of whom had been given up because there was no known medical cure. And I am convinced that no disease is hopeless—none is incurable—for God can heal all sickness. His power has no limits or barriers when we center our faith in Him.”

Sickness is a terrible thing, and we’ve all faced it in some way in our lives. But there is something worse than just being sick—and that is to be sick and wonder if it’s God’s will for you to be well. If you’re sick, you may be asking yourself: Why has this happened to me? Doesn’t God care that I’m sick? Does He even want me healed?
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