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Richard Roberts – Third of four parts The Bible tells us that the boat Jesus and His disciples were in arrived on the other side. I’ve often wondered why this account is in the Bible. Is it because Jesus intended to teach His disciples a lesson about faith? Certainly there is a lesson to be […]

Richard Roberts – Second of four parts I am often asked, “What are demons?” Wherever I go, people are interested in talking about demons and learning about the occult and spiritual wickedness in high places. What are demons? Demons are former angels. Notice that I said “former angels.” They are angels who, along with Lucifer, […]

Richard Roberts – First of four parts In the Gospel of Mark, written by the disciple who at one time traveled with Paul and later with Peter, you will find that Mark wrote mostly to impress the Roman Empire, which controlled all the armies and who worshipped raw military and political power. Any sign of […]

From the archives of Oral Roberts –Second of two parts I didn’t hear anything from Buzz for six months. I was holding on, and I would not come out of the prayer agreement for Buzz. But I didn’t know about the great things that were going on in his body. Then one day I received […]

From the archives of Oral Roberts – First of two parts A young man in Texas, the son of a well-known pastor, went by the name of Buzz. He grew up, married, had a family, and became an oil man. Buzz grew very wealthy and became a Partner of our ministry, as well as a […]

Richard Roberts One day I was in a television studio to help with a program on which I had been invited to preach and pray for the sick. When I arrived, I saw a man in the studio who, many years ago, had said some negative, untrue things about me publicly. I had literally written […]

From the archives of Oral Roberts One day, when I was a young man attending a sociology class at a university where I was studying, the professor began to lecture about how it was a scientific impossibility for God to have created a woman from a man’s rib. This school was not affiliated with my […]

Lindsay Roberts Matthew 21:18˗21 is the story of Jesus speaking to a fig tree, cursing it, and telling it to wither and die. And, lo and behold, it did! Then the disciples came by the same tree and they said, “Jesus, how did You do that?” He answered, “You can do the same thing. But […]

Richard Roberts – Second of two parts Learn how to spend time with people who are strong in the Lord. Spend time with people that love Jesus. Weak friends will lead you in the ways of the world; strong friends will lead you to the Bible. Weak friends will lead you to the bottle; strong […]

Let’s rise up and shine like never before… Dear Partner, I’m excited to share with you new insight God has put on my heart on a subject I’ve been talking with you about for some time now. I believe this message will get you on the path for a better life and change you in […]