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Richard Roberts Did you know that the spirit of poverty can be on someone who has a lot of money? In fact, a lot of the world’s wealthiest people have a spirit of poverty because they’re afraid they’re going to lose what they’ve got. And that’s the real spirit of poverty ― thinking you don’t […]

From the archives of Oral Roberts An observer of camel caravans in the Middle East noticed that the camels knelt each morning to receive their burdens for the day. After several hours of travel, the load would sometimes shift out of place or the ropes would work loose. As a result, the camels would become […]

Lindsay Roberts Romans 8:28 NKJV is familiar to many: All things work together for good. It doesn’t say that all things are good, but that they work together for good. Think of it like a cake batter. If you eat the flour by itself ― yuck! If you eat the raw eggs by themselves ― […]

Richard Roberts Long before I was ever called to preach, my dad was invited to be on the Merv Griffin television show in Los Angeles, and he asked me to come along and sing. Several Hollywood celebrities were also on the program. When it was over, we walked out the artists’ entrance in the back. […]

From the archives of Oral Roberts If anyone was ever a living example of his own words, it was Paul when he wrote, If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new (II Corinthians 5:17). Although you may not have been impressed […]

Lindsay Roberts A lot of things are bombarding us today that can rob us of our peace. If we turn on the news on TV, open up a newspaper, or go online, it’s easy to become afraid and get into a panic mode. So how do we fight that fear? With faith! Romans 12:3 says: […]

Dear Partner, For the past few weeks, there has been a stirring in my spirit. And while I have prayed about it and thought about it on various levels, just a few days ago it became very clear to me that this stirring would continue until I talked with you and other Partners and friends […]

Richard Roberts On our TV program, The Place for Miracles, Lindsay and I once received a phone call from an eleven-year-old boy who used his childlike faith to be healed of bone spurs in his heels while watching our program. When the boy heard me say, “Anyone who has heel trouble, come up to your […]

From the archives of Oral Roberts Do you feel imprisoned by a problem that just won’t give? Do you need a breakthrough? If so, I have good news. With Christ in your heart, you need not be imprisoned by your circumstances. Jesus came to set you free! He can help you break out of your […]

Lindsay Roberts There is a very real power that is transmitted when your faith in God is activated. Sometimes it can be felt tangibly. For years I heard people say that sometimes when Oral Roberts laid hands on them, the presence of God was so strong that it felt like they were sticking their fingers […]