New Years Greeting 2013

The Lord has been speaking to me about His plans for you, me, and this ministry in the new year—and it’s good news of a new season for the miraculous power of God to come into the lives of all my partners! Listen to this special video message and prayer for you and your loved ones, and be encouraged to reach out in faith for all God’s blessings in 2013. —Richard Roberts


January Letter

Dear Partner,

As I was in prayer the other day, these words came to me from the Lord… “Look to the New Year 2013. It is a New Season.” I asked the Lord what He meant. Very clearly He told me that I was coming into a new season in 2013. And He also explained that all of the partners who stand with me in faith are coming into a new season as well. Listen to that! That means that YOU and I and all of the other faithful partners of this healing ministry have something very exciting to look forward to in 2013… A powerful new season from the Lord!

Let these words resonate in your spirit. 2013 MARKS A NEW SEASON IN OUR LIVES (yours and mine). Someone might say, “How can this be? Isn’t the number 13 an unlucky number? And we are entering a year of 13…” But I hear the Lord saying, “Who said 13 is an unlucky number? Because I didn’t say it, and My Word is more powerful than the word of a man.”

Then He reminded me that Joshua marched around Jericho once a day for 6 days, then 7 times on the seventh day. That’s a total of 13 times that they walked around the outside of Jericho! After they marched obediently those 13 times, the walls of the city came down—marking a new season of breakthrough for the people of God.

The Lord said to me that 13 is symbolic of BREAKTHROUGH and that I am to be a part of the announcement of a NEW SEASON of breakthrough for His people.

While many today are looking at the economy and what the government and the politicians may or may not do… and while many are concerned with all the trends and bad news that the media are reporting… I am expecting God to do something totally different. I am expecting Him to show Himself strong in your behalf. I hear Him saying to you and your loved ones…




The Lord has shown me that 2013 is going to be a year of reconnection, new projects, new outreaches, and a stronger healing anointing than I have ever known. And because I believe God has put you and me into a ministry partnership of giving and receiving, I also believe He is going to raise you up into new opportunities, restoration, and increase too! He knows the prayers and seeds you have sown into this ministry. He remembers them. And as Luke 6:38 says, When you give, it SHALL be given to you… That’s right! God has a plan to increase you through your giving, and His plan includes breakthrough in 2013.

Now… In the old season of your life, many of you have been mocked and ridiculed, but I hear the Lord saying that we are entering a new season of favor. Yes, that’s right, I said favor. GOD’S FAVOR!

I’m talking about favor with God and with people, favor in finances, favor in healing and health, as we reach out in faith for His favor and call it into being through our prayers, our seeds, and our confession of His Word in faith over our lives. You see, just telling you what the Lord is telling me about 2013 and the future is not enough. You and I must receive His Word. We must call every Word He is speaking to us into being from the throne room of God. So, please do not take this letter lightly.

Say this with me right now:


Say this confession of your faith over and over, believing God to do it, just as I am saying it. SAY IT UNTIL IT BECOMES A PART OF YOUR LIFE… until you know deep down in your heart that breakthrough is God’s will for you this year!

I tell you by the Spirit of God that 2013 is going to be a very special year. It’s a NEW SEASON. And the Lord told me it was going to be especially good to those partners who stand with me with their prayers and financial support in the New Year. Remember, the apostle Paul had partners in his ministry too.

In Philippians chapter 4, the apostle Paul said… “When I was in Thessalonica, you sent me aid more than once when I was in need.  Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited to your account. I have received full payment and have more than enough. I am amply supplied, now that I have received from Epaphroditus the gifts you sent. They are a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God. And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.  To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever.”

In other words, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirt, Paul laid out what God was going to do for his partners because of their faithful support of his ministry! And that’s what I am doing in this letter. I am telling you what God has shown me He is going to do for the faithful partners of this healing ministry.

Please catch this right now… because I am expecting my partners to receive from the Lord this year…

…miracles, healings, restored relationships, checks in the mail from new sources, new and better jobs, strength and health, and to be filled afresh and anew with the Holy Spirit and the joy of the Lord, which is your strength.

And by the way, it is time to let go of the past. Stop talking about it. Put it behind you and reach out in faith for the bright future I believe God has for us all.

Look, we all faced some pretty tough times in 2012. You did and so did I. We all did. But it’s time NOW to press into the future and call the prophetic word I am sharing with you into existence. You may say, “Is that really possible?” Yes, of course it is. That’s what God and His Word are all about…calling things into being by our faith.

So, say it again: “2013 IS MY NEW SEASON FOR BREAKTHROUGH!” And keep saying it until you believe it as deeply as I do.

I’ll tell you plainly that I am not going to be left out of God’s best. I’m not going to miss what God has in store for me. And I don’t want you to miss out either. So, say it again: “2013 IS MY YEAR—MY SEASON FOR BREAKTHROUGH!”

Now, remember, the Lord said 2013 would be especially good for those faithful partners of this ministry. That’s why I am challenging you right now to plant a NEW SEASON—FIRST OF THE NEW YEAR SEED-FAITH OFFERING unto the Lord through this healing ministry. I am asking you to do it immediately.

Get some seed into the ground to start 2013 off with a bang. Do it as soon as you finish reading this letter. Don’t let circumstances keep you from sowing your seed and declaring 2013 to be your year of breakthrough in both your words and your ACTIONS. Use the prayer sheet that I have enclosed to sow your seed
and let me know what breakthroughs you are believing God for in 2013. Let me pray over every prayer request you have right now. Let me be the blessing to you that God has called me to be!

Let me join my faith with yours believing for YOUR NEW SEASON IN 2013—YOUR YEAR OF BREAKTHROUGH. And remember to keep speaking in faith over and over again that 2013 is your new season and your year of breakthrough from the Lord. Put your words to work, connecting you to God’s power to bring about the new season you know you need right now.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon… And I can’t wait to start hearing all the miracle testimonies from my partners. Please know that I love you… I really do. I’ll be waiting for your reply. God bless you!

Your partner for miracles,


PS. Don’t lose sight of God’s prophetic word to you and all the partners of this ministry this year… I believe 2013 is your new season and your year of breakthrough in Him… Make that your confession daily, and do all that the Lord shows you to do both personally and in your connection to this ministry… As you trust in the Lord and act faithfully on your partnership through your prayers, your sowing, and your support, I believe God is working in your behalf to meet your needs according to His riches in glory throughout the year!


Christmas Greeting 2012


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Living Proof: Bernice

When knots were discovered on her throat, Bernice went to the doctor to find out what was wrong, she also made a phone to the Oral Roberts Ministry. Watch her incredible testimony!


Mid-December Letter

Dear Partner,

As I write this letter and get it into your hands, it’s just a few days now before Christmas. Very soon, many families all across the country will be getting together for great fellowship and a time of being together like no other time of the year. Now, everyone in our family is hurrying around trying to get ready. You may be doing the same thing, or you may be very aware of people around you on the roads, in the stores, and at work who are rushing to get their to-do lists done in time for December 25.

But in all the hurrying and all the activity, we must not lose sight of the reason for this season of celebration… JESUS, THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD. His birth, His ministry, His death, His burial and His resurrection all speak to us, saying Because I live, you shall live also (John 14:19). What good news that is!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote to you and shared that when the wise men came to find the Christ child, they were warned in a dream not to go back through Jerusalem to meet with the wicked King Herod. Remember, the only reason Herod wanted to know where Jesus was born was because he wanted to kill him—which was, of course, against GOD’S PLAN. So, to protect the wise men and to protect His plan, God warned the wise men to go home ANOTHER WAY. And they decided to obey! After they brought their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the newborn king, they changed their plans and went back home ANOTHER WAY. (I encourage you to read the entire story in Matthew chapter 2).

I want you to catch this… When you have an encounter with Jesus, He always takes you ANOTHER WAY—He takes you HIS WAY, which is the way of truth, light, love, and every other good thing that He has for you. As Jesus Himself said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6). And when we choose HIS WAY, we are blessed… because we’re putting ourselves, by faith, in the shadow of the Lord’s protection and in the location where His miracles can take place for us.

 Now, pay close attention… And do NOT miss a word of the rest of this letter, because I believe it’s a word from the Lord for you. Notice that one of the gifts the wise men brought was gold. Yes, that’s right, I said gold. In those days, just like today in many countries, gold was the standard for money. And as you know, money is the accepted medium of exchange for goods and services around the world. It’s how you get your needs met in the natural realm!

The wise men brought Joseph, Mary, and Jesus a gift of money… money that they would desperately need, especially considering that in only a matter of days, King Herod would put out a death threat against all the little baby boys born around the time of Jesus’ birth, to try to kill the newborn King. But with this precious gift of gold given by the wise men, Joseph and Mary were able to take Jesus the Christ child to Egypt where they stayed in safety until King Herod died and the death threat was over. By leaving Jerusalem and taking Jesus with them, they were able to escape the devil’s wrath and stay on track with God’s plan for their lives.

Maybe like Joseph and Mary, you feel like you are trying to escape the devil’s wrath. Maybe you feel like something really bad is trying to get a hold of your life or your family. Maybe it has to do with your job or business or ministry. Maybe it is a problem with a relationship, or some type of sickness or disease. Perhaps you need to go ANOTHER WAY… yet you don’t know where to go, and you need God’s divine guidance especially for your life.

Notice this… The seed of gold (money) sown into the life of Jesus by the wise men helped bring about the greatest miracles the world had ever seen. Their gift helped God’s only Son to fulfill His divine destiny of becoming the Savior of the world so that you and I might have His life in us and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). Praise God for the gift they gave!

Now, in much the same way, when you sow your precious seeds to God through this healing ministry, you are helping bring the saving, healing, delivering power of Jesus Christ to this nation and to other nations around the world. When you give to this ministry, you are helping to preach, teach, and bring God’s healing power to people through our School of the Spirit and through our feeding mission to millions through Hunger Needs a Voice, which is directed by my daughter, Jordan. In fact, with your help, we just sent another container of more than 272,000 nutritious meals to a very hard hit and desperate area of Niger, Africa where families greatly needed help.

Praise God for these open doors of ministry that we are able to use in sharing Jesus with others. And remember the words of Jesus: Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me (Matthew 25:40). Your seed sown into this ministry for the work of God is blessing others around the world, and Jesus counts it as if you did it for Him!

Because of your partnership, you are helping to increase the Abundant Life Prayer Group, which is now receiving up to 3,500 calls a day for prayer. You’re helping to spread the Good News of Jesus every day across the U.S., Europe, Africa, and the world through television and the Internet, which is one way to stretch out my hands in faith and pray for all the viewers, believing God for great healing miracles in their lives. You are helping me to go to the nations… like my trip last month to Ghana in West Africa, where I laid my hands on the new president and anointed him with oil, just like I have done to 20 other heads of state around the world. I believe that is one way we can honor God’s Word in 1 Timothy 2:1–4, which tells us to pray for those in authority so that all God’s people can live quiet, peaceful lives.

You are helping to make healing services happen all across the United States and Canada… Just this year, we’ve been to West Palm Beach, New York City, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Augusta, Atlanta, Greenville, Toronto, Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Chicago, and even to Kiev in the Ukraine just a few days ago.

Now, as you continue to sow, you will be helping this ministry to do much more in 2013. In only a few days, we will say goodbye to 2012 and ring in a new year. But before we do that… before 11:59 pm on December 31 on the last day of this year… I am asking you to consider sowing a special end-of-the-year-seed of your faith into this ministry. As you do, remember that as your partner, I will be praying for God to bring you a fresh start of new miracles beginning in the New Year.

Yes, a fresh start! Joseph, Mary, and Jesus got a fresh start when they received the gifts from the wise men. Remember, that gift protected Jesus, who later went on to fulfill His call, minister to people’s needs, become the sacrifice for our sins, and save, heal, and deliver all those who come to Him in faith, believing. And let me remind you that as you sow into this ministry and support our work, you are touching people that you may never meet and helping them receive what they need from the Lord. The Bible tells us, If you help the poor, you are lending to the Lord—and he will repay you (Proverbs 19:17). So, whatever miracles and salvations happen because of the Oral Roberts Ministries, you’ll have a part in it…an eternal reward…BECAUSE YOU GAVE!

Partner, as you sow into this ministry again before the end of the year, I am believing for God to give you a fresh start for 2013. You may be saying, “Richard, if anyone needs a fresh start, it’s surely me. I am facing such a battle right now.” Well, that is a great reason to sow to the Lord as soon as you possibly can!

Let me tell you about Antonia in New York who had a tremendous, breakthrough deliverance miracle when she sowed in faith out of her need… She had been battling an addiction to cocaine for twenty years when she came to one of my healing meetings. When I prayed for people, Antonia came to the altar for prayer. Then she sowed her seed into the offering in praise to God because she was believing that she had been touched by His power when I prayed for her. And God delivered her miraculously! Now, she has been clean and DRUG-FREE for over twenty months, and she has a great job helping others overcome their addictions! Praise the Lord!

That’s what I am talking about when I encourage you to sow a seed out of your need and to believe God for a mighty miracle in your life. I believe in that kind of sacrificial, faith-filled sowing…the kind that declares by faith that you won’t stop believing God, not even when you’re under pressure…the kind of giving that goes over and above what others might expect or ask for.

That’s the kind of sowing that I do all the time. I sow right in the middle of the problem I am facing, and I have never failed to see results. You can do the same thing, and you can do it right now. What have you got to lose by sowing a seed, even in the midst of your circumstances? You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, because harvests follow seed-sowing, so as you give, you set your future harvest in motion (Genesis 8:22; Luke 6:38).

I am urging you to take the FRESH START prayer sheet I’ve enclosed and fill it out. Do it while this letter is fresh in your mind and get your response to me just as soon as you can. Let me pray over you just the way God has called me to do. I can’t wait to do it. I can’t wait to hear from you and to know the FRESH START you are believing God for.

I want to agree in faith with you, just as I do for all my partners. In fact, I just prayed for a partner whose wife was transferred to another state by the company she works for. They are driving back and forth to see each other. The partner contacted me because he had just found out that his wife had to go to the hospital because of severe illness. He told me that it felt like the devil had put out a death threat on his family. Believe me, I prayed a powerful healing prayer over their lives believing God for a miracle, and I’m not coming out of that agreement until the answer to the prayer comes. We’re seeing results already—within a couple of hours, I received a good report. And I’m waiting for more good news to come! That’s what this ministry is all about, and that’s how I want to pray over you and your loved ones in your season of need, no matter what you may be facing. I believe God is bigger than anything you can face, and He can help you. That’s why we pray and agree together—to see miracles happen!

I can’t wait to hear about your dreams and visions too, especially for what you desire to see in your life during the coming year. And let me tell you why. It is because there is a message rumbling around in my spirit for you for 2013. It is actually being birthed in me right now, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Look for another letter from me around the first of January, and I’ll let you know what the message is. Until then or until I hear from you, I remain…

Your partner for miracles,


PS. Send your FRESH START prayer sheet listing your 2013 needs, dreams, and desires for 2013 so I can pray over them as soon as possible. God has good things for us in 2013, so let’s stand in faith for His best. And remember, when you sow your seed before December 31, it counts toward your tax deductions for this year…so do it as quickly as you can! I’m believing with you for God’s provision to overflow to you and your loved ones all year long.



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December Letter

Dear Partner,

Christmas is coming! Yes, it is that time of year again… A special time for family… A special time of giving and receiving gifts around the tree. But more importantly, it’s a time to remember GOD’S GREATEST GIFT—His Son, Jesus—whom He gave so that He might take us all to the next level in our lives.

As we approach 2013, I feel very strongly in my spirit that God wants to take you and me higher in Him, and I believe I have a very special word for you about it. So, please take time to read this entire letter and receive its message into your heart by faith…

In order to share with you what is on my heart, I have to take you back to the first Christmas… Yes, back to the birth of Jesus, God’s only son. Picture this scene… A virgin named Mary had just given birth to the Christ child in a manger in Bethlehem.

At the same time, a star had appeared in the east marking the birth. Certain  men—“wise men”— were paying attention to the heavens, and when they saw the star, they received a witness in their spirit that something supernatural had happened. So, they got together to investigate. Somehow, they KNEW. Have you ever had a knowing in your heart that something supernatural was about to happen? I know I have.

Somehow, deep inside, these men knew that God Almighty was about to shake the world again. They banded together in their caravan, taking along the GIFTS they had to bring honor to God because of the baby’s birth—gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Gold represented that the baby (Jesus) was a king, frankincense represented that He was a priest, and myrrh represented the fact that His purpose in being born was so that He could forgive sin, provide healing, and totally redeem mankind, and then send the blessed Holy Spirit not only to be WITH us, but to be IN us forever!

On their way to Bethlehem, they stopped by Jerusalem to speak to King Herod. Now, Herod knew of Scripture, and he was aware that the Jewish prophets of old had prophesied that the Christ Child would be born in Bethlehem. Little did he realize that it would happen in his lifetime.

He was very upset about it, thinking that the baby’s birth would dethrone him and wreck all his personal plans as the nation’s wicked leader. So, he subtly devised a devilish plan… He told the wise men to seek out the child and, when they found him, to bring back word so that he as the king of Israel might also come and worship him (Matthew 2:8). But it was a trap…a lie from the pit of hell itself… For it was Herod’s plan to kill the baby rather than worship him.

So many times in our lives, Satan—the Devil—comes against us to take us out…to steal, to kill, and destroy our lives, just as Jesus said in John 10:10. But remember, God has a plan for our lives… Yes, He has a plan for your life… and it is a GOOD PLAN.

But in order to know what that plan is, we have to pay very close attention to the leading of the Holy Spirit, just as the wise men did.

When they left Herod and traveled on their way to Bethlehem, they were warned in their dreams that they should NOT go home through Jerusalem and King Herod… Instead, they were to go home ANOTHER WAY.

When they arrived at the house where Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were living, they bowed before Him, recognizing His Lordship and the fact that because of Him, the world would never be the same again.

As they planted their seeds in His life by giving their special gifts, they knew that something supernatural, something unusual, was going to come into their lives in return.

Suddenly, they remembered the warning to go back home ANOTHER WAY.

WOW, ANOTHER WAY! Don’t miss this… When you bring your gifts, your offering, representing your life, God causes you to go another way in your life. And that’s exactly what I am expecting for YOU this Christmas…

Just like the wise men brought their special gifts to Jesus, I am challenging you to plant a special seed to the Lord through this healing ministry…

I am asking you to take your BEST GIFT and sow it into this healing ministry. Use your seed as your way of honoring God, who gave His best gift to you and me by giving us His only begotten Son, Jesus… And I am asking you to do it BEFORE CHRISTMAS…Yes, before December 25…

Now, the reason I am asking you to do it before the 25th of this month is because Lindsay and I are going to host a very special edition of our daily TV program, The Place for Miracles, on Christmas day. During that program, I am going to pray over you, believing for God’s best harvest for you from your special seed gift to God. And I am going to pray that just like the wise men, your life is going to take a NEW DIRECTION for God as we prepare to step into 2013. That new direction may be healing in your body, financial increase, a new job, a restored relationship…anything that you are believing God for. No matter what miracle you need most right now, I want to pray for you about it…

I believe it’s vital for you and me to connect in faith, agreeing together for a dramatic new level in your life in 2013. We don’t have to go the way the world is going… But we do have to stand up in faith against it, resisting the devil with so much spiritual power that he flees from us in terror, as James 4:7 says…

For that reason, along with this letter, I’ve included a Christmas wish and prayer list for you. I want you to take time RIGHT NOW to fill it out. Write down your deepest needs, prayer requests, hopes, and the desires of your heart for 2013, according to Psalm 37:4, which says, Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Then, ask the Holy Spirit what seed He would have you sow and obey Him by planting your best seed gift unto our Savior through this healing ministry. Put your list and your seed in the envelope I have enclosed and mail it to me as soon as you can. Be sure to get it here by December 25, Christmas Day. It is VERY IMPORTANT…

Remember, Partner… On our television program, The Place for Miracles, on Christmas Day, I will lay my hands on your prayer requests and those of other partners, and I will pray over your prayer list and for the harvest from your special Christmas, ANOTHER WAY seed-faith gift. Let me pray for you and your loved ones by getting your response to me right away. Let me release my faith, agreeing with you before the Lord for your needs to be met, and let’s join together to expect a MIRACLE for your life. And let me believe with you for God to take you ANOTHER WAY, HIS WAY, throughout 2013.

Wow, that is exactly what I feel as I write this letter!

In fact, I need to tell you that I am writing this letter as I fly home from preaching two powerful services on the East Coast. In fact, when the captain of our flight announced that all of us passengers could get up and move about the cabin, I felt the Holy Spirit stirring within me a deep urge to write this letter to you and to all my other friends and partners who have helped me and are helping me now to continue to answer the call of God upon my life through this healing ministry. PRAISE GOD! He had YOU in mind that day… And I believe He has great things for you in 2013…as you reach out in faith to Him, expecting miracles, and sowing your seeds in faith!

Now, as the angel said on that first Christmas night… Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord… Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men (Luke 2:10–14).

Thank God for Jesus! Thank God for His birth, His life, and His ministry.  Praise Him for His death, burial, and resurrection. Give thanks that He said, Because I live, you shall live also (John 14:19). GLORY TO HIS NAME!

Now, let me take a moment to share something personal. I am so grateful to God for my family. My precious wife, Lindsay, and our daughters, Jordan, Olivia, and Chloe, are so special to me, and I thank God for them every day. Lindsay is my prayer intercessor. As you know, I travel a great deal ministering the healing power of God into people’s lives. Wherever I am and wherever I go in the world, I know she is lifting me up in prayer and believing God for the ministry that you help support to bring the saving, healing, delivering Jesus to people who need Him.

Just as sure as I know that Lindsay is praying for me, for this ministry, and for all our partners and friends, I know in my heart that you are praying for me and the ministry too, because you’re my partner. And as your partners, Lindsay and I are praying for you and your loved ones to receive the God-given miracles your heart desires most.

Now, let me tell you a secret. December 24 is Lindsay’s birthday. This healing ministry has been so important to her since she was a child, and she has been believing God for 2013 to be a powerful, miracle-filled year for everyone we touch through this ministry. She will be so excited to join me in prayer for you and your loved ones on our Christmas Day television broadcast, believing God for what you desire most in your life right now. And she so loves to pray over the seed-sowing and harvests of our partners that I want to surprise her on her birthday by telling her of your special seed gift to this healing ministry this month. So, be sure to answer this letter just as soon as you can.

Thank you in advance for your special ANOTHER WAY seed gift to God through this healing ministry. To you and yours a very merry Christmas! I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Your partner for miracles,


PS. Remember, when you sow to Jesus, our Savior, you’re never the same again… And He takes your whole life ANOTHER WAY! That’s what I am praying for you and your loved ones for 2013. And don’t forget to send in your seed and your Christmas prayer by December 25, in time for our Christmas Day Prayer for you on The Place for Miracles. Let’s stand together in faith NOW for your future harvests!